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Konstantin 11.06.2009 23:12

Storm over Moscow
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Only, that caught lightning elemental cleared. Lightning strikes one after another, and two or three at once. 've Never seen. And there is no rain and no thunder. Beauty.

Сталевар 11.06.2009 23:25

Very nice!

Marjana 11.06.2009 23:36


Сталевар 11.06.2009 23:39


Сообщение от Marjana (Сообщение 424966)
Armageddon !:)

Doomsday on Poklonnaya Gora. :)

Кирилл Сызранский 11.06.2009 23:45

storm, which said Woland, is already on the horizon accumulate. A black cloud rose in the west to cut half of the sun. Then she covered him entirely. On the terrace colder. Even after some time it became dark.
       This darkness, came from the west covered the vast city. Gone bridges, palaces. All is lost, as if it never happened in the world. Through all the sky a fiery thread ran. Then shook the city strike. He repeated, and the storm began. Woland ceased to be seen in the mist.

Синица 12.06.2009 06:13


Сообщение от Konstantin (Сообщение 424936)
Lightning strikes one after another, and two or three at once. 've Never seen. And there is no rain and no thunder. Beauty.

Yeah, beauty! We just flew by plane to Moscow. All this is watched from above. The horror, the horror, the horror ...

dedulya37 12.06.2009 06:47


Сообщение от Tit (Сообщение 425066)
All this is watched from above.

And we watched from below but from above! The storm was over us.
You probably Vnukovo flew?

Konstantin 12.06.2009 07:20


Yeah, beauty! We just flew by plane to Moscow. All this is watched from above. The horror, the horror, the horror ...
Tit storm is the beauty unhewn. Yesterday I was at the Museum of Private Collections in the presentation of the book EY Khloponin about painting Veisberg, published by your publishing house. That is - yes! Great book, I'm involved in the publishing business and imagine the work that has been done - congratulations and admiration.
More will do a special story in the "events".

Синица 12.06.2009 17:45

Thank you for your kind words!
Our achievement here was the smallest - to listen to the authors: the text (E. Khlopina) and the overall concept (Boris Kasatkin).
And we just tried not to spoil the plan and good faith consideration to the fact that in our power - slides, printing, etc.

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Сообщение от dedulya37 (Сообщение 425096)
You probably flew in Vnukovo?

Flew in Domodedovo. In general, I'm afraid to fly, but I had - Hunting Forest bondage ...
On approaching Moscow began to tremble, flight attendants ran - they say, strap ...
And in the window - already dawn, beneath the dark clouds, clouds, clouds and raging all ...
Well, sort of went around, and landing all over Moscow has already dissipated.

Veronic 12.06.2009 22:32

Strange clouds began to appear around the world
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Strange clouds began to appear all over the world
Meteorologists claim that nothing like they had never seen
Vladimir Lagowski, Julia Smirnova - 01/06/2009
These clouds are similar whether in a stormy sea, whether on the surface of the earth. They are dark, oddly "crumpled". From some stick curling "horns". View - frightening. And ominous.

Pictures of clouds come from all over the world. British newspapers have published several made over the UK and New Zealand. And suggested that this can be seen anywhere else.

And precisely. This is what informed the visitor of our site, where pictures were published: "There were some clouds over the north-western part of Dnepropetrovsk. In my opinion, May 11 or later. Somewhere about three hours could be observed. Very unusual and beautiful, I have the film "Ghostbusters" remembered - was one of a series of similar effect. I myself was not photographed, but many are shot on their handsets.

The dark clouds of dread until, surprisingly, does not pose a threat. Where they appeared, people were waiting for the hurricanes. But nothing that was not.

- Judging by the color, structure, contain a lot of moisture, - says Professor Paul Hardaker (Paul Hardaker), executive director of the Royal Meteorological Society. - It should be a lot of energy and heat to form a cloud of such amazing shape.

The British took the initiative to call the unprecedented education in the sky Asperatus. And proposed to include this name in atlases. To have something to talk substantively. How now, for example, speak of cirrus clouds, cumulus, pearl and silver.

If the proposal would take the World Meteorological Organization, the existence of a new type of clouds will be recognized officially. But in any case, scientists have to figure out where those come from.

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