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Art news
The results of the Auction № 316
14 February 2020, 17:55:00
With hammer away 14 lots. Buyers — Moscow, Odintsovo, St.-Петербург and Vladivostok

Open 316-е the Auction and the second auction curator "XXI century"
12 February 2020, 19:27:08
The master catalogue — lots thirty: seventeen paintings, five original leaves and two — printed graphics, three works in mixed media and two sculptures

Live auction No. 63 in the "Antiquarium"
11 February 2020, 18:04:32
The directory contains 422 lot — icons, paintings and drawings, rare books, posters, postcards, photos

The results of the Auction № 315
07 February 2020, 16:03:30
Total revenues amounted to almost 4 million. The new owners found 50 % of the lots

Tomorrow, February 7, at 12:00 ends 315-е the Auction and curator's auction "XXI century"
06 February 2020, 19:07:29
The master catalogue — lots thirty: sixteen paintings, three leaves of original and one — printed graphics, eight works in mixed media and one sculpture, and three objects in one lot

Auction of antique postcards and philately # 7 in the house "Russian enamel"
04 February 2020, 15:12:39
In the directory — 301 lot

The results of the Auction № 314
31 January 2020, 17:04:27
Total revenues amounted to almost 2.5 million rubles. Buyers — from Moscow to Magadan

Open 314-е the Auction and curator's auction "JANUARY"!
28 January 2020, 16:29:20
The master catalogue — lots thirty: sixteen paintings nine of the original sheets and two — printed graphics, one work in mixed media and two sculptures

Ilya Katz. Painting 1930-70-х years
27 January 2020, 16:34:56
In the halls of the gallery "vellum" in the arcade opens a new exhibition

In the UK the largest over the last 30 years, the exhibition Naum Gabo
24 January 2020, 18:11:35
Exhibition of a pioneer of Russian constructivism will be held in the gallery "Tate St-Айвс" (Tate St Ives) and will be dedicated 100-летию his "Realistic Manifesto"

The results of the Auction № 313
24 January 2020, 17:25:00
Went under the hammer for more than 50 % of the lots catalog buyers — from Perm to Minsk

Tomorrow ends 313-е the Auction!
23 January 2020, 14:44:01
In the directory — thirty lots: eleven paintings, fifteen of the original sheets and one — printed graphics, one work in mixed media, one porcelain plate and one photo album

Articles on art investing
Art & Law. Union collector and lawyer
18 February 2020, 17:45:00
Effective business support requires open communication with professional lawyers. New section AI explains why art-рынок should not be an exception

Simply about the difficult: Art Investment. Continued
17 February 2020, 18:41:33
In continuation of the first material we will discuss the main characteristics of art as an asset and list the motivation of the investor

Literature: Georgina Adam. Dark Side of the Boom
14 February 2020, 17:01:05
Writer Georgina Adams does not seek to bring to light the "dark side" of the art market. According to the author, the only way to understand — it yourself to experience it

The numbers of sales of Russian art. Why are they all different?
13 February 2020, 13:26:58
AI gathered together the data of the analysts of the largest Russian art market from 2008 to 2019 and analyzes the reasons why they disagree among themselves

A brief history of collecting. From Venetian Republic to the XX century
12 February 2020, 12:44:14
The second part of our material under heading "Tips for beginning collectors." Today we will talk about how to create the culture of collecting in Europe for centuries — and in what form approached the beginning of the XX century

The management of the collection. Modern requirements
11 February 2020, 12:48:01
Under the heading "Management of the collection" we will analyze the main objectives of the management of the collection of objects of art. For what it is, what are the modern requirements to the Manager as to avoid unnecessary costs and mistakes associated with the management?

Collection in sole possession. Inheritance. ArtTactic Report
10 February 2020, 19:44:59
AI analyzes report data ArtTacic Single Owner Collections Auction Analysis Report about sales in the public market collections, formerly in the sole possession

Artist of the week: Yakov Chernikhov
10 February 2020, 18:15:28
His motto, "Everywhere, always and everywhere replace the word graphics" represents the date and artistic heritage inspires not only architects, but also specialists from different spheres of visual culture

Young artists: make and conquer. Part 1
07 February 2020, 15:35:18
The change of generations of collectors, which is celebrated since the beginning of 2010-х, brought to the art market a new generation, armed with their own taste, allergic to set the trends and the habit of buying pre-looking at the indexes of the artist on the Internet

Simply about the difficult: Art Investment. Beginning
06 February 2020, 19:49:24
"Just about the complex" — new column AI, which we make available, but it is open, describe the main concepts and players art-рынка. The very name of our site requires to begin with the notion of investing in art

Theory of errors: error Mei-Мозеса
05 February 2020, 16:10:27
In the section "Theory of delusion" from now on, we will eliminate the myths that successfully disguised as fact and negative influence on the development of the art market and the investment climate. First on the operating table lies Mei & Moses All Art Index

Artist of the week: Petr Lvov
04 February 2020, 21:07:17
"Charming lovely drawings of Lviv...", — wrote a critic on the works is still very young author. AI Auction put on canvas already a Mature artist, with a developed creative style and a unique sense of freedom

Art and technology. Chronicle of the historic Union
04 February 2020, 18:05:00
The first article of the rubric "Art and technology" gives our readers a historical perspective and a brief evaluation of the current situation on the market ArtTech

The art market and Brexit: give me my money.
03 February 2020, 16:00:00
31 January, with the next attempt, "Brakcet" began: the UK officially began the withdrawal from the European Union. AI knows of confirmed and possible consequences "Brakcet" for the art market.

Literature: Doug Woodham. Art Collecting Today
03 February 2020, 11:21:11
The book "collecting today," the American economist, and the practice of market Doug Woodham opens a new section AI with reviews of publications in the field of the art market

A brief history of collecting. The ancient world and the middle Ages
31 January 2020, 17:20:36
In the history of the subject that-то may seem naive, the other — to be used in the practice of market participants. One thing is certain: in any profession, knowledge of each successful person should be based on the successes and failures of his predecessors

Alternative investments as an asset class. What is it?
28 January 2020, 18:51:54
Talk about alternative investments — everything at the same time must provide the owner money, fame, and adrenaline

Artist of the week: Alexander Bogomazov
28 January 2020, 18:07:36
Artist-авангардист, theorist, and teacher. Ukrainian "Picasso", held during its short life, a long career. His work is represented in the auction AI this week

Yulia Rybakova: the work of the expert is akin to the work of the investigator
22 January 2020, 17:15:00
Continuing our series of interviews with leading experts of Russian art-рынка. Questions on AI meets the biggest expert on Russian and Soviet art of the twentieth century by Julia Rybakova

Artist of the week: Adolf Feder
21 January 2020, 18:28:10
Adolphe (aizik) Feder — one of the artists who emigrated to Europe from the Russian Empire and included in the galaxy of masters of the so-called Paris school. Today at auction AI exhibited his "still life"

Сегодня в продаже на AI Аукционе
﴾XXI век﴿ ШИРШКОВ Игорь Александрович (1962) Вкус жизни. 2015
﴾XXI век﴿ ШИРШКОВ Игорь Александрович (1962) Вкус жизни. 2015
Текущая ставка: 45 000 RUB
Окончание торгов: 21 Фев. 2020 12:00:00
ПАКУЛИН Вячеслав Владимирович (1900–1951) Молодой физкультурник. 1938
ПАКУЛИН Вячеслав Владимирович (1900–1951) Молодой физкультурник. 1938
Текущая ставка: 250 000 RUB
Окончание торгов: 21 Фев. 2020 12:00:00
ТУРЖАНСКИЙ Леонид Викторович (1874–1945) Лошадки. 1926
ТУРЖАНСКИЙ Леонид Викторович (1874–1945) Лошадки. 1926
Текущая ставка: 30 000 RUB
Окончание торгов: 21 Фев. 2020 12:00:00
БИРШТЕЙН Макс Авадьевич (1914–2000) Старый Баку. 1989
БИРШТЕЙН Макс Авадьевич (1914–2000) Старый Баку. 1989
Текущая ставка: 35 000 RUB
Окончание торгов: 21 Фев. 2020 12:00:00
СВЕШНИКОВ Борис Петрович (1927–1998) Без названия (Пейзаж с холмом). 1966
СВЕШНИКОВ Борис Петрович (1927–1998) Без названия (Пейзаж с холмом). 1966
Текущая ставка: 20 000 RUB
Окончание торгов: 21 Фев. 2020 12:00:00

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