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What is the promotion of the artist

Запись от Валерий Рыбаков размещена 20.06.2010 в 10:42

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www.companion.ua from the Kiev artist Victor Pokidantsa
"&": What is the promotion of the artist?

VP: Very expensive, even if not "buy" by critics. Judge for yourself: participation in the prestigious European art-festival costs $ 10 thousand to participate in the exhibition and sale, you must agree with the gallery, which usually takes 50%of what can be earned. The remaining 50%takes the insurance and transportation costs. That is almost always (even after the exhibition and sale), the artist remains in the red. But can make a name for himself, to become famous among Western connoisseurs of art, which will allow it to sell the painting for a good price in the future. Returning to the question of costs of promotion, let me note that to the cost of every exhibition events you want to add the cost of printed materials: brochures, catalogs, slides (these costs can amount up to $ 10-15 thousand).

Incidentally, in Ukraine, all it is cheaper than abroad, but much less promising. The artist, thinking about his future, should not limit ourselves domestically, in which he lives.

And this is the Russian trends:
Smart promotion inflate the price kartinySposoby earnings in the galleries

The cost of painting grows with every personal exhibition or inclusion in the catalog by 10-20%.
Audit of the Committee for State Property of the St. Petersburg (KUGI) (94,239) * in 2004, revealed that approximately 100 premises artists from 2 thousand existing used inappropriately.
But if the organization that manages the gallery, framed as a non-profit, and promoting education and culture, it owes 70%of the land use under the development of culture, and for 30%of the area can conduct business, while paying rent at a rate of 0.1. In the galleries, you can also hold art breakfasts, conferences, etc. Rental of premises okolo150-200 m2 in the morning or evening can bring $ 1500-2000.

Investing in art
On the cheap scenes ($ 300-400) earn usually once, ie buy them from the artist for a song and sell at the exhibition or display, and then take a percentage of sales (from 20 to 70%).
With more expensive paintings opportunities for advancement and promotion of the artist come from the gallery. For example, a painting novice artist can be estimated at $ 300-500, after the first solo exhibition, it grows by 10-20%if the Artist of the general exhibition came to the catalog, price increases by 10-20%if the painting came to the exhibition Museum or Art-Moscow ", price rises of 2-3.
Resell now possible for local collectors and the West. Art gallery manager, "D-137 Tatiana Milyukova explained that a year with good promotion price pattern grows about 2 times, and in five years you can resell it in 4-5 times more expensive.

Proper promotion
Promotion requires deliberate steps, play an important role turned out communications with museums, associations, artists, etc. To promote the artist invited the curator (normally the museum staff), for the preparation of a personal exhibition, he receives $ 300-400 once.
As an example of a successful promotion Tatiana Milyukova has history begins in St. Petersburg artist Marina Fedorova, who brought their works to the gallery for about six months ago: "We assessed them in the $ 200 - normal price for an unknown artist, but after consultation with the curators have decided to take her work on" Art Moscow "in May. There she was painting was bought for $ 2 thousand Moscow collectors. Therefore, to return to Petersburg prices of Marina Fedorova rose to $ of 400-500.

Lidia Lazareva

What is the promotion of the artist
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