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As to invest $ 100 000

Запись от Валерий Рыбаков размещена 06.08.2010 в 12:50

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sculptures, and prints of Dali.
46 seats in the world ranking artists

circulation of 300-400 copies.
20-25 cm - 10.8 thousand USD;
30-35 cm - 15.12.1910 thousand USD.
40-50 cm - 12-15 thousand USD.

edition of 100 copies.
40-50 cm - 15-30 thousand USD.

lithographs and colored engraving
circulation of 150-350 copies. - 1,5-3 thousand USD.

As a curious application.

Notes the blog man, apparently working in the gallery of personal investment information from private sales statistics a Dali sculpture.

His own article about the potential growth of Dali as an example the sale gouache (there is an obvious interest in the market for the artist):


Added after 2 hours 55 minutes


7-10 sculptures;
15-20 lithographs /color prints.

The exhibition and sale.

Sculpture Exhibition is very well combined with an exhibition of prints, compliment each other, and objects do not pull attention.

Dali Exhibition in Russia are rare, even for Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you hold it in the regional center - will be much attention. Press will be sufficient to actively disseminate their own information.

Correct PR. Use Local FM, regional press, local TV, own business and social connections. Disseminate information is also closest to the major cities. Eg. If holding an exhibition in Yaroslavl, something about it should know and in Kaluga, and Rybinsk. Clearly, in Rybinsk can 10 people wealthy, but they need to know about the exhibition. Clearly, not everyone buys the sculpture for 30 thousand, but to buy Dali lithograph of 3000 may just sound financial standing on his feet man.

Can a local TV lift short film 07/10/1915 minutes with raskazom about the artist and with emphasis on work that will be at the show.

Prepare and publish a color exhibition catalog with high quality images and printing and detailed information about the work.

To publish a free booklet with basic information about the artist, and especially about the work, to explain the lottery, the casting and lithographic studio to explain the difference between the signatures on the prints, so there was no stupid comments (try to sign 250 times, and then another 250 or more ).

Prepare a showroom and work. From painting the walls, windows, lighting - paint the walls a neutral dark color, for example. dark blue; curtain off okra, so do not fall into the sun on the plate, shalt make an exhibition in the white mat and black frame to design does not detract from the work itself, produce sustainable cabinets under the sculpture, paint them black without any gloss varnish, to make boxes made of transparent plastic sculptures.

Partial return on investment, profit.

Sale of works will return the money.

In the property remain unsold work.

Subtracting the money for sold work from the amounts spent and the remaining sections of their work - you get a very nice price for what you have left a <!--~ ~-->.

The work may also still be sold after the exhibition.

You get a serious PR own among businessmen and officials of higher regional level.

Not bad to give a lithograph for the local art museum. Also at the opening to hold an auction lithography, so that winners of transferred money to charity.
How to invest $ 100 000
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