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The role of post-Soviet contemporary art in the world context

Запись от Валерий Рыбаков размещена 12.04.2010 в 09:03

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All very easy and at the same time twisted))
It is very important - to whom he was? this is very important and it concerns the price determination.
Let's take the second-line gallery. Those people who take your work, they just will not know the approximate price for your product. Of course they will conduct a kind of marketing and try to sell at least a profit of 50%of the amount that they gave you. Not when the west, for no known artist prices do not give - do not even have dreamed of. If they successfully sold you on the agreed price, they will gather those people who like your work.
And this starts the movement. As I said above, this second-line dealer, they will look for opportunities, put you on a more serious level galleries. There is already work harder and the competition is enormous. But suppose that you have taken, and began to work with you. The definition of top gallery, already speaks volumes. a solid clientele - they work with a serious press and art critics.
Immediately you get a certain status, more elite artist. Gallery is interested in promoting their artists (this image galleries, etc.). They take any part in the global art movement. This means that you are awake say these fairs. This certainly makes the name of the artist, a significative. And if it's all right, then go all auctions and more global PR company for part of you.
That's all I wrote in the ideal. But we must realize that for example in NY about 7000 galleries))) And of them only can be 50 have the status that deserves attention, and these galleries have a name in the global art business.
For a moment imagine yourself - what if one of the Gagosian Gallery will take you to your clip - what price would you ?))))
Here above, I tried to tell about something mythical - that agents need musicians and so on. Sometimes I think that anyone really need something badly that we were living in the Stone Age and were completely remote from major advancement of our art ... ... ..
And that is not unimportant. According to the statistics - for 1000 artists and their works - there is one buyer. this is a very hard business and you need to understand that not everyone can understand and appreciate you as an artist))))

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No, you are mistaken. They're very understand and can feel that your product will work. And of course for them is very important that the artist was not secondary is not anything. not be judged only from the realities of our art business))))
interesting ...
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