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Винтажные и старинные предметы интерьера..
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Nemukhin Vladimir: "playing cards - a symbol partite world .."

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"playing cards - a symbol of partite world in his removal from the human personality procedure, spontaneity and capricious volatile states. Declaring the map as an aesthetic phenomenon, I have tried to distance itself from its usual home of symbolism, though aware that the full it is impossible to ignore. In everyday life, real world map is both a thing and the game, and a unique communications tool that links together the various socio-cultural types ... "
 V. Nemukhin.
Nemukhin Vladimir Nikolayevich (b. 1925), Russian painter, a master of painting, the representative of Russian "unofficial" art.
Born in Moscow on February 12, 1925 in a family originally from the village, became a worker. He spent his childhood in the village Pryłuki (Kaluga region), on the Oka River. In 1943-1946 studied at the Moscow Art Studio AUCCTU. Advice of artist P. E. Sokolova, through which discovered the art of post-impressionism and cubism. Some time (1952-1959) earned his living as a designer and poster artist. Actively participated in the privately-residential and public exhibitions of avant-garde art, including the scandalous "Bulldozer Exhibition" in Moscow wasteland in Belyaevo (1974). Since the late 1960's his paintings are increasingly recognized in the West. He lived in Moscow and Priluki.
After early Oka landscapes in the traditional manner, as well as experiments in the spirit of cubism and abstract painterly found his own style of cards in a random motif in beach sand (in poker on the beach, painting and collage with real cards, 1965, the Museum of "The Other Art" at Rossiyskom Humanities University, Moscow; version of the same year - in the Zimmerly Museum at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA). By mid-1960's this spontaneous motive was formed in semi-abstract "Still Life with maps, which were very distinctive manifestation of the" informelya "- special abstraktsionistskogo flow, based on a combination of pure pictorial expression to the dramatic-symbolic element. Then Nemukhin years varied its discovery, sometimes turning the surface of the canvas in the subject "kontrrelefnuyu" plane, reminiscent of an old, moth-time of the wall or surface of a playing table. Often he wrote - in the mixed, as if painting-graphic technology - and on paper (series Jack of Diamonds, the end of 1960 - beginning 1970).

Assimilation paintings subject works brought him close 1980 with pop art. During this period more than once turned to sculpture and three-dimensional abstractions, biomorphic and geometric (series "tracks-initiations" - DM Krasnopevtsev, E. A. Steinberg and P. Cezanne - 1983-1985; property of the artist and other meetings) then increasingly, exhibit their works, accompanied by paintings and graphic sheets of large installations. At the turn of 20-21 centuries. lived mostly in Germany (Dusseldorf), constantly naezzhaya in Russia, where in 2000 his work took a prominent place in Moscow's Tretyakov Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art. In 1999 a book was published Nemuhinskie monologues (written M. Urals).
Pictures http://www.citycat.ru/rest/cards/painting/nemukhin/
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