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Spectrometer in the auction house Gelos

Запись от Vladimir размещена 04.03.2011 в 18:20

Today, with Constantine Babulinym unexpectedly had an excursion in our own laboratory auction house Gelos. In addition to the X and supermikroskopov they should doroguschy X-ray spectrometer - a thing which, roughly speaking, to determine the composition of matter. For example, the composition of pigments in a painting or composition of metals in jewelry. For example, if you have found a titanium white (opened in 1908) on neotrestavrirovannom site - it means not Aivazovsky. Such equipment costs about $ 2 million.

In Gelos do examination to order, and keep the lab for the selection of material for their own trades. Teznologicheskaya examination of a single painting can take 2-3 hours, if the case is particularly tedious. And here is a golden ring "probed" right before our eyes, for two minutes - the schedule gave 75%gold, 13%silver and about 11%copper. Fantastic stuff, very impressive. spectrometer in Gelos

< img border = "0" alt = "X-ray spectrometer" width = "640" height = "428" src = "http://pics.livejournal.com/thinkai/pic/000c07wk/s640x480" /> < br />

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