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serious day

Запись от Anetta размещена 20.11.2009 в 02:25

Tomorrow night I am defending the grant. Theme - round development of the concept of modern art. Very excited. Yesterday dreamed a strange dream. not a pleasant one.
Like everything in order and there is no reason to worry. The only problem - it is something that should be tomorrow to buy a lens. Get dressed line and instill confidence in themselves. How can I make to the audience liked it and they were captivated ?!?!?!?!?
Heavy vopross. Дефка I like pretty. But uncertain.
The world-theater. and I can stand it.

his way up, how will I do after ???????????? apathy .. creep.
YES Damn, I'm crazy about MODERN ART ,!!!! Vypryami back and forth , ANNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
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