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everything has already commented on the antisirotskogo law gosdury and march against scoundrels

Запись от Марат Гельман размещена 12.01.2013 в 14:46

my 5 cents:

1. certainly the most shameful, it is a law in defiance of the law of Magnitsky. I can not imagine anyone who considers sincerely that for Russian orphans "better death than life in a foreign land." I will argue themselves hoarse with the same Limonov, but I believe that it is beliefs such cannibalistic. But the fact that this is a response to Americans - just shameful. And then, Sun is exactly the answer I did not cause any shadow of a doubt. Moreover there is evidence enough for me.

2. foreigners legally adopt the children who do not find adoptive parents in the country. Therefore Isaev and other "scum" just lie that problem - to be adopted in the country or outside it. Dilemma for these children - to be at home or remain orphans. Medvedev promises to improve life in orphanages, Cyril knocks the orphans grave - more honest.

3. relation to young people as property, "we will not give Ours" ... if they were not the person. But in general, is part of a larger global problem. Yes we did not state in the country for a man and a man for the state. I'm not against patriotism, but I think this is a private matter - decide that his life belongs to the state. We can admire people sacrifice for the greatness of Russia, but we can not claim it. man's life belongs to himself. Unfortunately my postulate that many do not share. As soon as this law is found supporters gosdury. Serfdom Does it cost a Soviet education or acquired all in different ways. But not all scoundrels.

4. Hypocrisy of our legislators who send their children abroad but using terry isolationist rhetoric - no comments. They have already decided that they cast that makes the laws for the other, a lower caste. No one has sent children to Pakistan or Iran. Nobody is lured to Russia a good university. One can endlessly write, but here I want optimistic note - it will not work. And it is not only the law of Magnitsky, but resistance to this hypocrisy even completely duped people.

5. The fact that we have little adopter - it is our common shame. I'm divorced now, but 20 years of marriage, could do it and did not. So small positive effect on the whole stydoba all still there. This theme has appeared and disappeared. I hope more will adopt.

6. I do not understand why the Christian Church got into the story. By all measures, it is anti-Christian. Is violating and "we are all servants of God" and "there is neither Jew nor Jew" and its consequences. Child growing up in an atmosphere of parental love can be very loving.

7. United Russia to get rid of the label "crooks and thieves" in a special way. Now the whole council "meeting scoundrels." All slipped. Maybe it was one of the motives of those who have it all planned and implemented. As a result, not the increase of opposition sentiment, and the total alienation. I'm clueless.

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