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thinking aloud + action "president to be easy"

Запись от Марат Гельман размещена 11.10.2010 в 10:04

EU ambassador to Russia the day before yesterday said that when he served in the army (and he was a professional diplomat) is often talked out loud, until I realized that his arguments are subordinate to take for the orders. Different cultures word.

A day earlier, one major leader told me quite passionately in things with which I agree. I responded "do not have to persuade me, I agree," and received "I'm not trying to persuade, I speaketh".

Ps shorter than me that we have not instilled that boss thinks. Mol types they have ready-made solutions. And sometimes, the process of reflection is necessary to understand the eye and nodded.

ps Yesterday I held a rally on twitter http://twitter.com/#! /galerist

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