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Dramatization of the entire culture

Запись от адамович размещена 01.09.2009 в 08:45

Just make a reservation, nothing, absolutely nothing against the theater. And in general, even, there is no intention to make any assessment and determine what is good and bad, deals only with fact. Fact comprehensive dramatization of fine art. But that's a total expansion of one type of art is an internal protest, especially if it appears under another guise and impersonating another and the degree of deception goes all bounds, in truth - the whole world theater. "

Reader, open your eyes! Look in the dictionary: "Xeppening arose in the context. 1950's. as a form of "total theater". "Action is happening besfabulnoe theatrical effect." "Action performance is a brief introduction, executed by one or more participants in an art gallery or museum," and so on and so forth. ... So, where is it art, where paintings, but if, like poor relatives, graciously taken into the service? Oh! The poor painter, you erased from the list of contemporary fine art!

Reader, open your eyes! After all, what happens is a fierce debate about contemporary art, and something about the artists, but with the artists here, and this painting? Why do artists, poets, musicians do not cause so much controversy and conflicting opinions in the cultural environment? The question is, why? Why are all fashion trends so far, although they appeared more than half a century ago, such as performance, installation, eynvayronment, happening, etc. associated with the artists, but not with other artists. And the world is astounded not so much work, and prices for them, which became a "byword", the debate about which penetrated into all the cracks of consciousness artistic environment is constantly provoking surprise and excitement.

Reader, open your eyes! Contemplate the reason in the nature of the phenomenon where a surprise? A surprising, first of all, that no one, can not grasp - as such can be called a painting or sculpture? Like a bag of garbage can become a beautiful work ... etc. And gab endlessly and discuss ...

Reader, open your eyes! After all, there was another hoax, even just a substitution - excites not work, but quite something else. This is the main plot. For example, one of the hits of recent years - "Man-Dog", a scandal for scandal, intrigue for intrigue, even in Paris, distinguished himself, somehow offended the French police ...

But worth it, just, look at all the other positions, namely, the positions of the theater, then suddenly a veil with eye drops, disappears somewhere magical and precious veil, woven of innovation, and instead the light of day appears mediocre performance in shabby deryuzhke. It is to submit it to the theater, and it is not something that would surprise even not be able to laugh. Well, hollow on the stage - not even original. Of course, another matter if the bark in a decent place, then all scared. And my mother, certainly disappointed. Cry, a stout, sparing his son, a bad egg.

Reader, open your eyes! In contemporary art, where no kinesh look - everywhere theater, from design stage, creating scenery (installation), up This pattern of the body (body art) - quite a decent makeup and makeup. All this for the theater. For him, dear, this is useful, interesting and new, but with this painting?

And the price for artrynke formed not on the work itself, as well as fees for a role for the well written script, for good performance. But even this fee is attached to the carrier, which can be anything: butt, spit the protagonist of the play, or just spit, or a piece of wire, which, incidentally, may have a quality interior and exterior at the same time. All the same, if only it could be in something wrapped or put in a corner, preferably in the center of the hall. All the same, because it is important not butt, but its owner (copyright). And the price will be stable, because the play continues, the show must go on "show must go on", and the end of this long piece is not visible.

No one doubts that all need to have a finger painter, but then you call all their names: the artist in the theater, textile artist, makeup artist, landscape artist, artist of the book, an industrial designer, etc. and painting plays a very distant part. There was a state in the fine arts, which already had a counterpart in the history of culture. Until the XVIII century, the word craft and arts were almost synonymous. Every good craftsman - an artist, every artist - a master with his students and apprentices (interesting that in ancient Greece, the ninth muse was cooking). And only with Kant in his Critique of Pure Reason "came the notion of three high arts: literature, painting, music. But for now, their boundaries become blurry, seem to have revived "pure reason" as a blank canvas, completely self-sufficient and not tolerated nor any dirt, especially paint, and paint ... what reason? Perhaps now the modern society once again got a similar problem.
If all called by their names. Many things will fall into place. Then viewers will watch consciously painting, rather than concepts by naming scenic pictures with the caption - "Do not believe your eyes." Then the novice collectors will choose between a picture or a conceptual exhibit (of art), which is 90%composed of intricate play, and that without the play loses its meaning and artistic value, but remains as a symbol of something grand, the former in the misty past. Then there will be an inexperienced spectator, his mouth agape, watching meaningless and blinking her eyes in amazement at the door jamb, exhibited in the museum of world importance, is the pride of national consciousness in Russia, because the jamb, place in a theater museum, as an element of a successful and original scenery of an interesting performance by entitled "The tragedy of a great country". Only necessarily have to be attached to the doorjamb explanatory plaque and then. ... The plan is indicative of the exhibition homeless people under the name of avant-garde "artist for no reason, however, they are trying to hush up and it was natural, because" nehudozhniki "in quality give greater professionals with an official handicap of Contemporary Art, threatening them with loss of reputation. And this is truly a tragedy, truly shocked. Catharsis - directly on Aristotle: "Tragedy, causing fear, anger, and makes the experience emotion, thereby purifying the soul, raising and nurturing.

Reader, open your eyes! And calm down, it does not call for absolutely everyone to rush back to the old principles of painting, to return to the Wanderers, or even deeper in the past era. It is natural that we should go forward, but it is forward, because what is happening - are disappearing entire genres, for example, almost completely disappeared portrait, he dropped out of sight of contemporary art and it is natural - the theater does not need a painting, a person there is present in a living form. In connection with this interesting fact, when a well-known modern art collector Igor Markin, a competition in conjunction with the fund Yeltsin to establish a monument to the late Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, apparently Fund were harassing the laurels of Khrushchev. The result was so pitiful that the fund is trying to distance itself from the hands and feet of the order and no wonder, for example, one of the options represented a big cake with the head of Yeltsin in the middle instead of rosettes of cream. At best, like a caricature. Competition has failed, and could not be otherwise, because the theater is no place portrait. If it goes further, it will not create a portrait of the current generation for the future, leaving only the scenery and costumes, but instead of man - a frame made of wire. And the picture will not save the situation. Just disappears story painting, as a system of promotion and modeling of the human spirit from the two-to three-dimensional space. And how do not try to humanize the subject, without a person does not work, and the person is somewhere in the frame on the sidelines. Man as an object of art disappears, only by flickering somewhere in the sky, the virtual hero, Lord God, who pray, but whom no one has seen and not seen.

On the surface the fact that trying to be modern, we run the risk of nowhere.
By the way, as shown by the Venice Biennale and other international forums of contemporary art by our artists of Russia's current look, very modestly, which is also regrettable, as some begin to doubt the presence of Russia in accordance with international standards of art schools of design.

As a result, a better understanding of the official contemporary art, worth a closer, look at the words of the great Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol 1928 -1987): "Success in business - the most interesting art form," I am writing to picture exactly as they did because I want to be a machine, and I feel that what I'm doing, imitating the car - this is what I want to do "...

Reader, open your eyes! And go to the theater.
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