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Two myth artbiznesa

Запись от адамович размещена 19.08.2009 в 19:20

The first myth - the current concept of "How to unleash the artist", a very interesting discussion at the forum. But the listed sentences is just a hoax, the Standard Rules, which, at first glance, it is absolutely true, and indeed, this is a big trap for the glass and on the stand, as a concept, or installation, which can not be touched because it is terrible - they bite the price and secondly, and probably not - prevent the glass. You can, of course, try to break the forehead glass, but will hurt, and hurt a person.
The second hoax - a bat phrase: "You can unleash any artist, unfortunately - not. When people say, you do not want to unleash the artist and curator, or art direction, or a large group of artists. But the group no matter who is unwound in glamorous vocal ensemble - all the same, what color pants to highlight and who put them on, if only a good-looking, it all depends on the taste of the producer.
All of these myths (oh, how much was right Michael Lifshitz in his famous article "Why do not Modernist?", "The Crisis of Ugliness") need only one, as much as possible to increase the audience for their existing foreign sharks artbiznesa who rule ball and vigilantly monitor the implementation of the same set of rules, and God forbid you break them, just find yourself a pariah. But be an outcast - is an achievement, terribly different, namely, to pass face control, here is a great politician, and a huge industry of art. And again before the eyes of the eternal question of Russia - "What? And again, as with Pushkin: "And the distance free of the novel //I through the magic crystal //not yet clearly distinguished.
Lord investors and collectors, but the strain brains! You can not indefinitely squander national treasure. After all, there should be a figure that can drag for a whole mob of Russia's art, there are also examples in the world - China, India, and their artists much more than in Russia.

A few warm words I would like to tell Russia to collectors, gallery owners and investors - not just their misfortune that they are captives of mystification of the world artrynka because, except those myths, and often selfless love for the art they have nothing. In Russia, not even a bloodthirsty shark artrynka, all huddle under the heel of Sotheby's and Christie `s. For some, a favorite of fortune, there is even a warm and cozy, and what to do to others, except as an illusion? Acquire, at your own risk, and an unknown Russian artist, or on the cheap you liked the picture and sit on them as "chickens for eggs, waiting, dreaming, until one hatched chick of the Firebird, but not broiler chicken. And God help them.
But God - a god, and you, the powerful, the government, MPs, the central bank, state monopolies, help the same kind to the culture, support the laws of the benefits, create a supportive environment. And then, suddenly, in fact, chick embryonic the Firebird, but will have nowhere to do with it, here and give it to poultry Lisowski (formerly the famous producer) and let the Firebird on the leg in the consumer goods, and God forbid, hatched Phoenix Bird that then ...?
Favorite Russia, create the investors at least some conditions for their active existence. It's like in football, what good would be on football teams, if there would be nationwide championship in football and stadiums that can hold matches - answer: no. So with investors ... After this happens, wasted national asset, because a poor culture of Russia - is a failure of Russian business, and the state. And do not be afraid that the gush of the river of money laundering, what sort of river, well, may be stunted brook of cents, and that is unlikely. But, what scope for artbinesa!
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