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Запись от Марат Гельман размещена 15.11.2019 в 12:00

  • Thu, 12:56: I think what is missing in Facebook , compared to LJ-шчкой, PUZOMERKI. And finally, a first attempt. First... https://t.co/k7zzaKZRkv
  • Thu, 14:15: here I Perm stoked for urban studies, and judging by the cultural forum is the only thing that csuifaasia today and... https://t.co/8QzOrUIMCO
  • Thu, 16:32: my friend, Mike Kamensky. Presented a project on" virtual return" of the missing works of art. Says... https://t.co/tMZHZdSGoj
  • Thu, 16:36: At the cultural forum there, but in vain, the prison theme. All the same, there are no more relevant media than the Media , EET interasia... https://t.co/ROTMRWdRK6
  • Thu, 20:10: Gleb Smirnov deceived all and instead of a report about Venice have preached a new religion of Ortodoxie, where he is the chief... https://t.co/CdWnQATqRg
  • PT, 00:11: all the same, we are Europe. The Hermitage bought me the tickets, settled in the hotel, with an audience that I criticized them. We can... https://t.co/GEqEzgYnEL
  • PT, 02:15: Protesters in Chile dazzle the police with dozens of lasers. From-за rallies that resemble huge" rave"
  • PT, 08:17: what-то said. But most importantly, of course, is our Matisse. She is in the shot and the subject matter. A lot about SLOVONOVA few... https://t.co/BLreOF3FRq

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