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<div align="justify"> Our IO Glavred Gazeta.ru Mikhail Kotov also got himself a corgi. Welcome to the club. Korzhistov arrived. Corgi have Bondarchuks have Leschi Vorobyov, a Belogolovtseva, Mikhail Yastrubitskogo and Misha Kotov. <br /> <br /> This is a beautiful girl named Enika. She is 7 months and she corgi cardigan, but not Corgi Pembroke. (We all Pembroke). Pembroke loves the Queen and Pembroke more cunning. Cardigan more serious, intelligent - this Corgi for those who understand, rather than chasing trends. Ears Cardigan greater than himself. So look into your soul like a cardigan, does not know how any one breed in the world. <br /> <br /> It is Michael Kotov Enikoy. <br /> <img src="http://pics.livejournal.com/becky_sharpe/pic/000b85xc" title=""> <br /> <br /> And this I take off Enichku, lying on the floor. <br /> <img src="http://pics.livejournal.com/becky_sharpe/pic/000b9dsz" title=""> <br /> <br /> Misha Enika kindly invited me for an evening stroll. I can say that Enika incredibly well-behaved, shy and timid girl. The restaurant was acting as ward Smolny Institute. Extra Ball for obedience and gentleness. Listens to the owners. And their lack of teaching a cat to play like a dog. </Div><br><br><a target='_blank' href='http://becky-sharpe.livejournal.com/803319.html'>Link to original</a>
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