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Oleg Chirkunov was the guarantor, and Marat Gelman - soul and inspiration of the Permian-scale project that brought the city and the edge of fame, although it was not without controversy, doubt, and even direct ridicule. Bad flag was a tragedy in the "lame horse." In sharp opposition to the "invasion" of everyone there Milgram, boyakovyh and Rodionov was a significant part of the local intellectuals headed by the famous writer Alex Ivanov. It was not without internal tensions - and, say, the same portal of "Salt" deliberately rebelled against Gelman long before its closure. Yes, and Marat Alexandrovich drew no longer look at Perm, Tver and on (with fatal outcome of Advanced tamoshnego for Governor Zelenin).

Now Chirkunov career prospects are vague on the driven public Gelman wave, a few still falsely accusing him of fomenting anti-clerical sentiment, writer Ivanov enters into the capital on a white horse anti-Moscow and anti-intellectual novel (albeit a weak novel) ... In short, it's time to reflect on what it was all the same - a project perm - that brought all of these efforts and neodnoletnie billions (USD) investment a country that - the city (and justified) that - people? Whether it reduces to the familiar to many successful people, "development investment budget" (with all provisions of kickbacks and cuts, or in their absence - it is after all that) - or is there something really culturally significant and, moreover, has a long artistic and moral value? The question that is easier to ask than it is more or less meaningful answer.

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