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Beautiful girls from Sue Halstenberg.

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Su Helstenberg began his career as an illustrator for fashion Southern California stores. Several years later, she opened her own business, taking orders for the image of portraits and the human body in pastel and acrylic paint. One of the paintings Su, "Victoria", was shown at the opening of the American Journal of Artists.
Author: Sue Halstenberg
Official Site: suehalstenberg.com

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dance of grace in people ,
dance fun, easy.
And this song in the dance,
spread the sounds far away.
their nakedness to love calls,
His grace captives,
Is it because the nymphs are melting,
When the fire burns in my soul.
Is it because of all the poets,
There are fiery words,
When out of the dawn,
Beautiful Muse vote.
And in their hands a flower blue or,
As a symbol of peace and love.
Is it because poets moan,
The pain wounded dawn.
And Grace movements are gentle,
They are full of grace.
As if the sea tranquil,
Lives breathing waves.

Boris Mezhiborsky

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Zena Queen

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