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Development and application of a universal integrated environment to support training

Запись от Петр Козак размещена 23.01.2011 в 14:03

Pace of modern society is extremely high. The development of effective information technology, the rapid growth of the news in the world resulted in changes of the information component of science, social life, the industries. To keep up with the changes, one must process huge amounts of information from all points of the globe. Therefore, the information technology are now a priority in all areas of activity and determine the development of the future.

In education, these technologies are used in many areas of activity, in particular, the updated content of education, distance learning begins, introducing new forms of communication: e-mail, video conferencing, participation in online forums, and others. And all this requires a high level and quality of training of students.

Undoubtedly, that computer technology contribute to enhanced learning activities of students. It is through multimedia technologies open up new opportunities for creativity and personal development. Computers allow individualized learning is not only in terms of learning the material, but also on the type of logic and its perception. They greatly increases the speed and accuracy of data collection and processing, which allows the correction is a powerful tool. The computers - the future in search of the necessary information. Capabilities of computer and network technologies stimulate the imagination. Therefore, the implementation of these tools in the modern educational process is completely natural.
The development of modern education is impossible without the use of information and communication technologies and the necessary equipment. One of the main steps of the development of modern education should be to provide access to Internet resources, and the development and use of computer networks, which combine with each other, for example, all the schools of the city, region, district, etc.. One of the main directions of development of modern continuing education advocates the creation of a common information space and the educational application of information and communication technologies in the training of workers and professionals of all levels.

The computer has long ceased to be a common teaching aids and is regarded as a powerful factor in evolution and objective of all education systems and technology. An important area in the informatization of the educational process is the development and implementation of a universal integrated environment to support academic disciplines that can be applied to any discipline, and includes the full amount of the material, as well as control tasks, under which, the program evaluates the level of student achievement.

We can say that the efficiency of absorption of new material by students increases significantly in training with the software we developed. Moreover, its use in the classroom affects the development of the intellectual potential of the students, the formation of their own abilities to acquire knowledge, engaging in research, implement ability to process the educational information that can improve the quality of the training of professionals.

Consequently, for the training of specialists universal IDE is a very good and high-quality solution. Its use helps to more quickly and thoroughly learning and systematic theoretical knowledge to the acquisition of skills. For best performance it should be used in combination with other didactic means.
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