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Gallery in central London (Chelsea)

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That put an eye on this gallery.
You can clear all of 340 pounds for 2 weeks. (One nelelya -225) do not take your commissions (All that will sell-artist)
Allowed multipurpose necessities involved.
 Virtually all efforts to alert (promotion) is based on the artists.
Gallery is responsible only for the banner (one) and several posters. height to ceiling-2, 3 m
Generate natural lighting.
Open 7 days a week.
 You may wish to display not only the small plastic. and sculpture.
Probably for the same price of 2 exhibition table 159h68h17sm and several (4) sealed glass cabinets for display
Negatives: No entrance from the street, the gallery on the second floor (so the price so maybe, but an ancient and very beautiful.)
 Here a couple of frames of general form with components whose exhibition is:
PSInteresno what the gallery on the same principle is in other places?
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