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4 January 2018 he died-шестидесятник Vladimir Yankilevsky

Запись от Владимир Богданов размещена 06.01.2018 в 16:50

We became friends in 2010. Vladimir Borisovich came to Moscow from Paris on business, was invited to the conversation in his Studio. In the end, spoke to the evening, excitedly. Flipping through just made the avtomonograficheskih album with photos of the Taganka theatre and Arena-1962, recorded a great interview. Yankilevsky did a lot of asking what was going on in Moscow, in our modern art. Listened with interest that we have raised a new wave of interest in the sixties. Remember, invited him to go to TG, where the time of one of the halls was dedicated to post-war unofficial art. And one day we went to the Tretyakov gallery. By metro, on foot. Was amazed that I barely keep up with this sports lean 72-летним man. In the hall hung a few of his works. One of them had to odrestaurowany, and he carefully examined how things were done. In the Tretyakov gallery in those days it was forbidden to photograph. But there can be no rules. Had his camera, saying:" Vladimir Borisovich, let"s close with" Dialogue"?" The Rangers there:" No, no!". I had to explain:" do Not bother. We have a special case. Is the author himself, he can". Later it is precisely these pictures, we illustrated Yankilevsky article on Wikipedia. it was Time to disperse, but still more than an hour could not stop talking, walked across the Big Yakimanka back-вперед: Sretensky group, Kabakov, Unknown... Well, until next time – when you plan to Moscow?" Soon. In the NCCA will be presented avtomonograficheskih album and" Anatomy of feelings""[email protected];

Visited yet, but then everything was more correspondence. Business emails, authentication, clarification of names, but most conversations about life, congratulations and be sure to questions about art. What the exhibition in Moscow? How the audience perceives? What do you think about the exhibition? In recent times discussed the exhibition" collections" in Paris and" Thaw" in the Tretyakov gallery. About Pompidou, tell, asked renowned collector that has made the biggest impression. Answer:" Two Yankilevsky triptych". Went to" Thaw" the report @your -" Dialogue", too, hangs in a place of honor, a photo of the painting and the layout attached. The answer is surprisingly, happy: everything is good, even text much.


<figcaption>Vladimir Yankilevsky dog Mars. On the wall behind @-

Reread the last letter. Always start" Dear Volodya," end" , Just good, Volodya, Rimma" @- fashioned, something from another time, so nobody writes. Dog lovers, I told him as we this summer under the air conditioner in the car were taken in the summer of bulldog Frank in the Crimea. He answered about his beloved Mars (they Rimma was Erdelyi), who loved to travel by car and they also went and lived in Estonia, and Belarus, and the Ukraine, and Crimea.
And when the train finally-то come, Mr Miller?" In publishing" Слово" in Moscow is preparing an edition of my albums, which are now in the collection of Pompidou. I wanted to come in mid-July for further details of publication, but-за different problems have so far this trip to be postponed". It is summer 2017. Nothing to worry about. Now, Yankilevsky just poreshat what-то their questions and soon приедет... 


<figcaption>Yankilevsky in his Studio. Moscow. 2010. Photo: Vladimir Bogdanov</figcaption>
<p>As a true innovator and visionary, probably, had a presentiment that for the full understanding of his ideas even 50-летней ago, the public will need another twenty years. I think, no accident that he so tenderly and carefully systematized archival materials and to document their creativity. Yankilevsky has always kept a creative business and information about themselves in an exemplary manner. The time made good albums, catalogues, texts, reconstructions. Remember, he even had <a target='_blank' href=sketch plan of hanging pictures in the Arena-1962, where Khrushchev came to" educate" artists. Now these materials will definitely be a good stepping stone for art historians and for the public. By the way, all I could Yankilevsky tried to make only himself photographed, composed, wrote the lyrics (and wrote it brilliantly). About the people like you say" Renaissance man." It"s just about Vladimir Yankilevsky, an artist, always ahead of his время. 

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