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Kharlamov Alexei — Russian artist, painter-портретист, the master image of a female head and scenes from the lives of children. He was born in 1840 in the village of Dacica Saratov province in the family of a serf. In 1850 the parents of Alex with him and two younger children was emancipated. Soon the family moved to Harlamova Санкт-Петербург.


Молодая девушка в белой вуали
portrait of a young girl in a white
veils, 1890-е, private collection
Девочка с вязаньем в руках
Girl with knitting in hand,
1890-е, private collection
Мать с дочерью на руках
Mother with daughter in arms,
1894, private collection
Юная красавица
Portrait of a young beauty,
1890-е, private collection

In 1862, Alexey Kharlamov began to attend volnoprihodyaschim student in the class of Professor Alexei Tarasovich Markov at the Imperial Academy of arts. During your long runs academic courses Kharlamov has received numerous silver and gold medals. For success in drawing and painting Alexei Harlamov in 1857 and 1862 received two small silver medals in the 1863 — two large silver. In 1866, Kharlamov was awarded a small gold medal for the painting" Крещение Kiev", and in 1868 — a large gold medal for the painting" Возвращение of the prodigal son in the parental home" and the right to pensioner"s trip abroad. In 1869 Kharlamov visited Berlin, then worked in Paris under L. Bonn, then made a trip to Belgium and Holland. In the Hague, by order of the Imperial Academy of arts, wrote an excellent copy of a painting by Rembrandt" Урок anatomy doctor Тюльпа".

In 1874 Kharlamov was sent to the academic exhibition in St.-Петербург three your work —" Бедный musician"," Голова Italian" and" Головка girls". For this work, and made in the Hague a copy from the Rembrandt"s Kharlamov was awarded the title of academician. Since 1872, became a member of the Association of traveling art exhibitions. At the end of 1876 the artist left Russia and settled in France. The cause of emigration Kharlamov was what Alexei wrote Ilya Repin," ужасно loves Paris" and wished to stay there forever.

Подруги с яблоками
Friend with apples, 1887
Две цыганки
Two small Gypsy, 1894
Мать и дочь
Mother and daughter, 1901
On his return to Paris Kharlamov turned his workshop into a house on the Place Pigalle in a trendy Studio. Specialty Kharlamov steel portraits, graceful women"s and children"s heads and simple scenes from the life of children. Kharlamov later bought a house in Vesle. Thisthe city was loved by the artist later donated to the city, he gave many of his works. In these years Alexey got acquainted with a young Felia Lytvyn, who later became a famous singer. The artist is constantly exhibited in the Paris Salon, participated in international exhibitions, received awards. In 1888 at the international art exhibition in Glasgow, his painting" Дети with flowers" made a strong impression on the British Queen Victoria. Showed interest in his work and part of the Russian aristocracy. So, the picture" Женская head" were purchased by Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna Romanova.
Портрет южанки с шалью
portrait of a southern girl with shawl
private collection
Маленькая цветочница
Little flower girl,
private collection
Голова девочки
the girl"s Head, Omsk Museum of fine arts

However, put Kharlamov on the flow of portraits depicting female heads and children in the end got bored even undemanding part of the French public. It is the constancy of the style of the artist turned for the tragedy in the early twentieth century, when the artistic tastes of society have changed significantly. The last years of life Alexey Kharlamov spent in poverty and loneliness. The only one that brightened his old age, was a French Opera singer Felyae Litvin. Died Alexei Kharlamov in 1925 in Paris, is buried in the cemetery Пер-Лашез.

SOURCE: http://smallbay.EN/artrussia/harlamov_aleksey.html

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