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Винтажные и старинные предметы интерьера..
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Attribution pictures .. Oil on wood, podpis.1829god

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1.22h28sm.Derevo, oil, podpis.1829god.
Part of the inscription on the reverse side of the picture were read.
"Frederick Augustus, King of Saxony
on his last hunt on Dec. 23.
                     1826 "
Author: Mathilde von Hartitzsch (1880-1886) Izbrazhen (center): The Saxon King Friedrich August I (23.12.1750 - 5.05.1827, the King in 1806-1827)

1.Kartina after restavratsii.Restavratsiya paintings held in GosNIIRe in 2005.
2.Kartina before restoration.
3.Nadpisi the painting (the presumed author of picture).
4.Prikleennaya paper.
5.Obratnaya side of the picture.
Many thanks to friends from the forum. (For help in translating the inscriptions on the painting).
Artwork from the personal collection, dated 1829 year.
Imported from Poland after the war in 1946.
Were the loss of the paint layer (the sky and trees 10-15%) in GOSNIIRe (Institute for the restoration of paintings, which are in museums in Russia), restored.
On the reverse side of the painting the inscription in German + old almost decayed, bonded paper (text in German). The painting was also a signature in the lower left corner (read only year 1829).
That course of attribution:
Hello, Eugene!
 .... The inscription read, in principle, possible that I do. A bonded paper note reads badly. Resolution (photo) missing, but it is probably much erased? " Here there was another problem. The fact that all the legends in the so-called staronemetskim or Gothic, but also does not print (which would not be so bad), and handwritten letters. Shape of the letters it is sometimes radically different from the usual Latin. This font is out of use for more than 60 years ago, then he was everywhere substituted for ordinary Latin letters. We chose this script is no longer taught. Read was still a little bit. By the same author in the same inscription mixes Latin with a gothic font. I sent one of his friends in Germany (German intellegentnomu, Professor ..) e-mail with attachment photos and their thoughts on decoding. I think he can help.
 And yet that's what. The caption could read the beginning of "Gemahlt von", which means "written." Next comes the name of who wrote, in fact, it is most important for you. Unfortunately, not yet read. Something like "Malheld von Hartiz ..", but seems to be no such name Malheld. Here is the name von Hartiz, and found it in connection with the Duke of Saxony. And in a note at the end of the first line reads quite clearly "von Sachsen". Well, the process is not yet completed, the work is, the results will tell.
Alexander ..... (Nick on the forum Amateur)
The rest of the discussion in the comments.
I continue to investigate now, as there will be new results must write.
I would also appreciate any information on the alleged author, the plot.
Many thanks to forum members (nickname Amateur, K-Maler) for help in the attribution of the painting.
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