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Portrait genre in painting Grigorieva

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The next item in the upcoming auction, which I want to describe - a picture of Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev, which depicts his son, Cyril. This artwork was created in 1931, 12 years after graduate Stroganov, demanded artist Grigoriev illegally crossed the border with Finland and emigrated, not wanting to be a witness to the changes that have occurred in the country. In a letter to the great Russian composer Rachmaninoff, Boris Grigoriev writes that invested in the two portraits - a son and Rachmaninov - my soul. By his own way, this picture is the apotheosis of a portrait of the artist.

Another hypostasis in the painting of the artist - Russian landscapes, it is necessary to note, portrayed quite melancholy. Most popular was the album of his work "race" in which he showed depressive Russian village. Subsequently, the album was completed portraits of actors Theater, beginning of XX century.

Another project of the artist, stirred contemporaries - a series of works «Intimite». After repeated visits to Paris, the actor wrote a series of works, who discovered as a magnifying glass, multi-faceted life of Parisians: the world of bohemian and bourgeois bliss, love sales, circuses, and café.

Boris Grigoriev, a lot has exhibited his work. From 1909 to 1919 in Russia has passed a lot of his shows. In 1920 he became a member of the XII International Biennale. Later, the world saw much of his personal exhibitions in Paris in 1925, 1930, 1932YU 1937, in Milan in 1926, in Prague in 1926 and 1932, in New York in 1924, 1924, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1938, in Chicago in 1927.
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