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The music in the movie.

Запись от ksutyagin размещена 09.01.2013 в 13:29

Previously loved watching movies, and now something by force. Sit for about 15 minutes - and good. Only if the old movie - then yes, from any place.
I have all these old movies is not something to "remember" and instantly think of, and by the sounds, the song:

"Hello my dear, I'll wait for BBC!
You came to find me, and I lost the BBC! "

And right image: a T-shirt before Aleynikov Kryuchkov excrete.

"Once there were two burglars - op, tili-pill Tumpa!"

I do not remember the movie, but I remember a good-all floats in a concentrated form, like a painting.

"A friend is always ready to give up
place in a boat and a circle. "


Wrote a song for the film specifically, it was like an identity card, a fingerprint. Stopped writing them - and all. Nothing personal. some special effects.
Out of Kusturica and Bregovic all.

Tricks are not going to remember, his eyes closed. Moving image is not kept in memory - the movement characteristic of organic-only music. And the image is static in nature.
If you remember the movie - it also pause, close-up, Stirlitz looks away, Doronin Efremov look at the taxi meter ticking ... Motion-running work as a picture, but the music (see "Prisoner of the Caucasus":
"There-there ta-ta-ta ta-there, there where always cold"
"Bootleggers" - here the movement is perceived as a ballet dance move)

Interestingly, the 3D is music?
Are songs?
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