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Secrets of the alphabet. The principle of the "Method"

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Secrets of the alphabet. Natural principle " method - Informing the written Word ." Part I

- Hello , Reverend Father Basil - Egorovna bowed and walked to the exit.
" Knew the old one I like , instead of a curse to the wishes of health - Boris thought , nodding. - For the past three years , he has replaced his dead illegally twin brother Basil. As a child, Boris often wondered ," Well, twin. Well, as like as two peas. And what of that ? " And now , behold, Vasey not and instead of Basil, styled " Reverend . " Such something like it . Just like anyone ? After his release to rebuild the cars after accidents. Business is more profitable . Though not always clean , but it is not his concern. When starting out with boyfriend Vova , it was all together, all equally. druzhban now former boss. Drives a " MERS ." Hata to the heavens, with a spire . he , Boris , too bad . "Volvo " though beushnyh , but he made it, and was as good as new . Soon repay a loan for an apartment . small apartment , studio . Instead own . before anyone clans do not. clans ? ? and then he remembered the picture : once , long ago it was still in school in the fifth grade , when taught the signs of similar triangles , Natasha - a neighbor 's party - drew two similar triangles . Small bow before the great and if cracks a " Reverend ." Why not the other way ? "Do not know " - Natasha shrugged her shoulders . Now he knows" why not vice versa. " An old " Volvo "- not the new" Mercedes " , and it is also not Volodkin flatlet house . and he wants to be like , Vladimir Vladimirovich. , and not vice versa."
     Because of such thoughts , Boris forgot why he had come down from his " cell ." He looked at the walls , icons and decided to return . In her upstairs , he sat down at the computer with the intention to clarify the meaning of similarity /reverence with entrenched within words particle " add " on the kindness or extraction. Google unfailingly gracious offer different sites , one way or another related to the concept of "likeness ."
- You have to understand , like maybe around . There would be something and multiplier - Boris muttered aloud . - Examples of darkness . About the similarities, the analogy , affinity , the same shape ... regardless of size . Scientists have even a similarity theory and modeling invented.
- And the Greeks spoke of congruity lower the higher, of involvement in the form of higher, - said quietly behind Boris entered the deacon Tikhon . - Similarity is a blessing, unlikeness - incompletion, evil . The Bible says, "God created man in his own image and likeness ."
- Greeks are the most intelligent people - didactically said Boris , imitating his brother. He had always liked the way Basil briefly and clearly spoke the truth. - Do not steal as a mouse and do not stand behind him - he told the deacon Tikhon , and he quickly typing " image and likeness of God."
     Computer directed by Boris dozen sites , most of which he seemed to training site " image and likeness of God - ABCs of faith." Words, or as they say " bukovok " a lot, but clarity is not increased . Boris looked up and the site of Alexander I , who was killed at the beginning of perestroika in 1990 . All spirit is not enough to read , but one line firmly etched in my memory : " Universal Divine Mind - Logos, manifests itself in the evolution of the world, most displayed in the personal mind and the conscious will of man." That a man a piece of the universe , Boris learned long ago . And the fact that umneet /evolves like the Universal Divine Mind , was a revelation . Recently, he painfully chose to be guided to his spiritual being like a brother Basil or Druganov host Vladimir become a businessman with a heavy gold chain around his neck and protection in an accompanying car. And here 's spelled like the world to evolve . How's that? In what way ?
     Even in the modern " cell " Basil was a lot of books. Very much. All three , Boris perceive these books as furniture . However, there was one special shelf on which lay the book with a lot of bookmarks. For myself, Boris called this regiment " soul Wasi " and was going to review all the favorites , but the arms and legs somehow did not reach. Quite apart lying book , which Boris has shifted from the desk , when he first entered the " cell " after the death of his brother . On the dust jacket was pictured walking " winged " a man not a mirror , not a book , not from the casket in his hands. " Probably some evangelist, " - thought then Boris , reading the title of the book " The Gospel text in Russian literature of XVIII - XX centuries " .

"Angel Rublev " (miniature Gospel Hitrovo )

     Deacon , seeing that the priest is going to switch from the computer monitor to the book, politely reminded of his presence .
- You are a woman wants to see. At the bottom of waiting .
- Say " five minutes ."
     Tikhon came out , and Boris opened the book on the tab hastily attached pencil and a piece of marked read : " The whole image of the infinite world , succinctly served Cyril , was designed to create not only a world-view , but also socio-cultural pattern of behavior . This stereotype comes from the Christian idea of truth as a process movement to it within the individual human being. " Deciding that quickly understand anything " on the tab" does not work, Boris went down with a book , then to quietly read it at home.

     Natasha was standing at the gate . Yes, yes, the one Natasha , a figure which is similar to the triangle he had just remembered. Grown-up . Slim . Hair beautifully stacked and tacked red ribbon. Smart face smiles shyly ...
- Hello, long time no see . I now live in Moscow. 'm A linguist . Already in the fourth represents the course. - The first greeted Natasha .
     Boris heart pounding , pounding in my temples , the book almost fell out of his hands. He did not know who she said hello . With or with Basil ? In the next moment to realize that he needs to do " with no news and names."
- Hello ! How do you prettier ! - Absolutely sincerely Boris smiled , giving the initiative a conversation guest.
- And you're grown up, - a compliment to compliment said Natasha . - And as always with a book .
     " So , I - Basil " flashed through my head swirl Boris . " It is interesting to ask anything about me ? " - Jealous he thought and felt blush fills the forehead, cheeks , neck ...
- Yes, here I want to explore the problem of Reverence - blurted Boris was frightened by a church - turned say.
     The girl took the book out of his hands and read fluently brief summary.
- Which one of the authors of the collection you are interested in ?
- There's bookmarks ... - Boris dodged the answer .
     Natasha finger movement , spent the years of study , first picked up a sticker and opened the book somewhere near the top . Then otlistala to the head and raised her eyes in surprise .
- Wow , the decryption of the Slavic alphabet ? This is interesting to me. Letters , numbers, names , - leafing through it to the bookmark. - And here is the quintessence of " Developing the theme of individual spiritual path , Cyril outlines the sacred model of the universe and at the same time sets the philosophical scope of human thought and spiritual quest ." It is with these words Slavic Lidia Savelyev described the case of Constantine the Philosopher , a monk Kirill - Natasha explained that currently , not Boris , Basil .
- Let's go boating at night as a child , - Boris offered to hurry over this unexpected encounter for him . He realized that it was time to decide how to live on, yourself , that is Boris , or turn into his brother Basil, completely and irrevocably.
     Boris has long mastered the science - every question and the problem should be laid. Night, the second, the third ... The decision will come. It is necessary to wait for him . And now? Now we have to make a decision before the evening meeting with Natasha. It's hard , very hard. And suddenly it dawned on me ! Once it Natasha - his first furtive love - come to Basil and about the life and times of Boris did not even ask , it means you have to become Basil ! Gift. The irony of fate. As a child, the brothers were interested in what is fraught that they were born twins. Parents are saying, that they kind of branching, the twins were born again . And what is the big deal? Nothing - some said . Life is the same - more assured . Until the fateful day of the twin brothers , indeed , lived in parallel. Single mode of the day , equality in the plates , clothing - always two copies , worked and rested - all together. At school, no one ever really knew which of the twins in front of him . Then a fight with the boys from a neighboring village , the investigation , the trial , the colony . Boris took over everything . Vasily then suffered greatly , he went to study at the confessor. The parallels diverged as twisted rails. Now Basil's not. For the past three years , as Boris physically takes his place . A spiritually? Oh , Natasha , Natasha !

     The boat station is one kilometer from the village. Natasha came to krasovkah , little jeans and open blouse .
- What are you dressed so easily ? Evening. Freeze !
- Are you not freeze - Natasha joked and jumped into the prepared boat.
     Boris habitually pushed the boat from the shore , and sat down at the oars . Until the mid- rowed quickly , looking intently at the sides, so as not to wobble on the course. The lake was long, long . He knew that this lake , and the local know it, but they called it Dvuberezhnym and became known as the river.
- Mrs. philologist , a representative of the Ecumenical divine Logos, where row , left or right ? Up or down stream? - Asked a playful tone in the middle of Boris dvuberezhya .
- Left up - supported joke Natalia , knowing that Dvuberezhnogo no flow , and seriously added - You know , lake , river, ... stream , sea, ocean ... in each such word is put more water and a special meaning. In the lake shore look in the mirror. A stream babbles like it , then louder , then softer , and all the rivers of dub in different ways. Listened ?
- Yeah ! Oceanides swim in the ocean and in the sea - weakling .
- Come on, I 'd better tell you about the flow - Natasha laughed and , without waiting for a reply , "let " , moved to a different key .
      Once upon a time , when the pagans were in power and strength, and they gave the names of the properties seen valleys , mountains, water , plants, animals ... And somehow attracted the attention of a special mountain . This round of the sole to the top . She was completely separated from the other chains of mountains. Slightly depressed top of the mountain did not look like it on the eye socket , not on the navel . That's called Mount Tabor , which meant a central place .

Mount Tabor ( Tabor )

 Mount Tabor. View from the Nazareth

     In Favor originates serpentine stream and seeking a meeting with the Mediterranean Sea . Depending on the season and the rainy season it is a drying up the river , then a torrent , able to drown the whole army , as happened once. For tortuous fickle temper he was named Kishon .
     These places are famous for amazing Bible stories. There is a legend that came to the top of Tabor Jesus Christ with Elijah , Moses and the three chosen disciples Peter, John and James, and there in front of them happened saving the Transfiguration of Christ. Therefore, the Church has recognized then Tabor mountain of the Transfiguration. It is said that in place of transformation is shielded copper grids extremely white marble circle with a cross . Around it pours ineffable fragrance , brightening smell coming . Other stories tell of the successful battles on the banks of the Kishon and traditions accompanied by the solemn song of the winners of the exclamation: " The river of Kishon swept them away ! Trodden down my soul , strength ! " Probably prayed for victory, it came to pass . Prayer Soul stronger circumstances , so Joan , of Arc , once said , " The soldiers have to fight , and the Lord gave them the victory."

     Boris feverishly that Bob could not be unaware of the Transfiguration of Christ , and that we must somehow respond.
- You're telling me something about the Mount of Transfiguration ? That's just why Tabor Tabor instead ?
- I do not know the true sound of walking - Natasha shrugged her shoulders as a child - or the same thing with " Methodius " method .
     Boris decided to keep quiet , and said to myself that it will be necessary to deal with this Methodius methods.
- And what did you want to say about the flow of deal?
- And the fact that the semantics of understanding picked ease and gave the name Tabor value mercy , nepotism , patronage , support ... Be in favor - it means to be a favorite of influential or high-ranking official and enjoy its preference. Now, the word " favorite" explained without any connection with Mount Tabor, with the transformation of ... A river Kishon as no winds , winds , and the sea is still a kiss. One English song is called "Kiss On The Lips". Listened ?
- Even as listened ! - Boris smiled slyly and reached to kiss my girlfriend , but then he remembered that he - Basil, and recoiled . Oh , Natasha , Natasha !

     The next day , in violation of all rules and regulations, Boris stuck at the entrance leaf " closed for technical reasons, " and sat down he studied Vasyas bookmarks.
     All books with bookmarks in one way or another were the creators of the alphabet Cyril and Methodius . However, there was among them a favorite with school, " Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece " , but in her one and only bookmark was on a page with a description of Odysseus stay on the island of the sorceress Circe * . Maybe that's why , to catch the attention of consonance : Kirk - Cyril . This also has to invest a small reproduction of a painting by British artist Arthur Hacker " Circe " marked " http://top-аntropos.com/mythology/gr...ssej-i-circeja printed from the site ." On the back of his hand Vasin was written explanation - " Circe=Kirk. Kirk's correct , as the Greek Circe".

Circe . Arthur Hacker (Arthur Hacker)

     The meaning of myth and of " Circe " was more than clear: the nature of the relationship of man to woman - this is an indicator on the scale of the transition from the animal to the human condition . According to mythology, fairy Kirk elevates people. And in Christianity , St. Cyril also raises them only in their own way . Kirk brings the beauty of the female body , and St. Cyril learning the alphabet and Christianity .
     About " - Methodius Methodius" Boris did not find anything and decided to call Natalie .
- Hi, my dear scholar ! I have a question for drawn.
- I hear you - sweet voice answered , not without surprise.
- You're just now " Methodius " method commemorated . Why "method" ?
- You see, my head on the chopping block for the accuracy of statements is not allowed, but the explanation is : there is a Latin combination of letters "th" with a fuzzy sounding pronunciation as it walks . And our ears catch either " t ", or "f" . A Latin name Methodius written as Methodii, and it should say like a cross between Methodius and Methodius . Apparently, the letter combination "th" brings to his words a special meaning. For example, a Latin word "letter" written "lithos", we read, " lithos " . Hence the letters and literature . Now, no one would think of saying " liferafura ."
- Yes, - Boris agreed - it turns out that the method - it's almost as Methodist . Name this .
- Technically you're right. Only cultured should say " alias " or " tezoimya ."
- What , what? - He would pretend not to hear , but in fact , the last word was completely unfamiliar .
- The concept of " tezoimya " rare , often speak about his Name - patiently explains Natasha . - Listen, you also understand the word " sin_tez " - approval of a new sign ! ? Xing - sign mes - approval . That tezoimya - that is zatverzhdaetsya a new name , which characterizes the man.
- I somehow overlooked that the name Methodius was given his Name - Boris lied and tried to end the conversation .

- Tezoimya - name day , tezoimya - name day - muttering to himself lzheVasily , rummaging through a pile of books . - Yesterday glimpsed somewhere here about the life story of Cyril and Methodius, - he said to the deacon, who grew up in the doorway to Tikhon .
- Father Vasily , I suppose you 're looking for little book "History of Russia " Vadim Kozhinova . So that I took it. Be right back. And in the meantime you can read about the Life of Cyril and Methodius here on this site - Deacon Tikhon virtuoso scored in the search box http://fonetica.philol.msu.ru/bibl/kirill-mefodij.htm, and opened the " personalities " of the site " Russian phonetics ."
- Come on, Tikhon , do not worry . And here I read that I need - Boris relented . - So here is the same : "from the archives shows that these names were given to the brothers name day . Kirill secular name was Constantine ( born ca . 827 , died ca . 869 ), and a secular name Methodius ( born ca . 815 , died ca . 885 ) is unknown . Though some sources indicate the name of Michael . basis for the study of Cyril and Methodius, their lives are written by students after the death of the brothers , "- Boris wanted to continue to read from the screen , but distracted by the presence of deacon. - And your parents as they called ?
- Tihomir . In short, Tikhon , Tishka . In our family all demure - the fate of this .
- What does " such a fate ?" - Boris indignant .
- And that also means that the people we are pacified . Do not resist what God wants . Knows me , that initially Tikhon - a pagan god case of fate. And in ancient Greek - the fate of the case , that is an analogue of fortune.
- Really! Fortova means ... Oh my ! Tikhon Fortova ! Never had he not joined !
     Deacon was surprised such a replica of his father Basil, but he gave no sign , just hurried out of the " cell " . But Boris thought. Around him, a strange cloud of names , concepts , which, apparently, is intended to influence his fate , can not be influenced. At Tikhon - Tishka demure all in the family , and he and Basil vice versa - all strong , fighting , to say " pugnacious ." And suddenly he was like lightning pierced he , Boris, at God's command was Vasily name day . Vasily - is his tezoimya . The fate so ordered . And Boris is literally physically relieved. Itself took place choice and destiny, and the name. Yes, now he - Basil . Point ! And most importantly, now his conscience before Natasha clean. After all , he - Basil !
     He looked somehow different look and decided that we should continue the work started . First you have to show all bookmarks in the books. Just watch. How to recall the unfinished business . Then we need to distribute : Methodius Methodius separately Cyril - separately , together with Cyril Methodius - separately. The meaning seems to be clear tezoimen . Still need to read the joint activity of brothers . Why do they represent the two of you? What and how it must be said today , after centuries of effort contemporaries church?
- Father Basil - called Tikhon 's head in the door - can remove the "closed for technical reasons "? People are worried , ask " what happened ... ? "
- Yes, yes, of course take away . Let everything be as always.
© Magnolia Dmitrieva .

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Reprint in whole or in part without permission is prohibited issued .

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