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Spain Isaac Albeniz

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" Albeniz - Spain, as well as Mussorgsky - Russia, Grig @ - the Norway, Chopin – Poland"
J. Aubrey(English writer)

ISAAC albéniz (29 may 1860-18 may 1909)

Spanish composer and pianist.His name inseparably with the new direction of Spanish music Renacimiento, appeared in XIX-XX centuries and has engulfed the entire artistic life of the country.

Creativity I. Albeniz was inspired by Spain — its nature, customs, rich song and dancing folklore.
His music is gentle and affectionate gaze turned to the infinitely dear homeland.

"Not quoting authentic folk melodies, the composer so know them and stick with them, that sometimes his music is hard to distinguish from people" — characterized the work of I. Albeniz, Claude Debussy.

альбенис (497x700, 277Kb)the Spanish Suite for piano op. 47(1886) Includes 8 pieces on various cities or regions of Spain: Granada (Granada), Catalonia (Cataluna), Seville (Sevilla), cádiz (Cаdiz), Asturias (Asturias), Aragon (of Agetop), Castille (Castilla) and Cuba (Cuba) (the island at that time belonged to Spain).This is a sample professional music a new direction, where national basis organically connected with the achievements of modern musical art.Plays Albeniz common designation alla guitarra(guitar), but it is quite clear the source of compositional imagination. However, one must not forget that albéniz was a pianist-виртуозом a keen appreciation of the nature of the instrument and because the guitar paralegalism formula on his tongue.

It is felt even in the" guitar" of his plays, where the ratio of registers, and the colors associated with the peculiarities of sonority and techniques of piano performance. This is the power of the composer, who was far from a desire for natural reproduction of folklore.

I. Granada

II. Cataluna

III. Sevilla

IV. Cadiz

V. Asturias

VI. Aragon

VII. Castilla

VIII. Cuba

the Most popular play V. Asturias will be performed:
Symphony orchestra

Guitar(Andres Segovia)

Orchestra of Russian folk instruments


Percussion instruments

"Sublime and extraordinary musical intuition Albeniz was comparable to a bowl filled to the brim with pure wine, warmed by the Mediterranean sun" — so vividly wrote about the composer F. Pedrell(Spanish composer, musicologist and teacher).

Minion audience, pianist, captivates with the poetry of his game, he kept forever ease improviser and a generosity of imagination that have become important features of his compositional manners.

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