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Посейдон. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Poseidon. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

the Work of contemporary Russian painter Andrei Shishkin is very diverse and not limited to one subject. In his paintings come alive mysterious female images of Russian antiquity and European middle ages: a charming peasant, the nobility and the aristocracy, a society lady and lady looking at which you wonder how the author subtly and sensitively captured not only the outer shell but also the nature of each of them. In addition to portraits in his works one can meet old Russian epics and landscapes in the style of realism inherent in classical Russian painting. But instead of a thousand eloquent words eulogizing his skill, it is enough one glance to understand how much he was talented in everything...

Хранители Земли Русской. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Keepers of the Russian Land. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Русалки. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Mermaid. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Девушка в русском наряде. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

the girl in the Russian outfit. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Русская красавица. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Russian beauty. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Амазонка. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Amazon. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Девушка в кокошнике. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

girl in a headdress. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Викинг. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Viking. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Хозяйка Медной горы. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

the Mistress of Copper mountain. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Стрибог - хозяин ветров. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Stribog @- master of the winds. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Перун  Громовержец. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Perun The Thunderer. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Птица Сва-Слава. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Bird SVA-Слава. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Andrew was born and raised in Moscow. His paintings – exciting stories from the past which come alive there were stories, and all sorts of myths and legends. Focusing on Slavic culture, he masterfully conveys reigning around an atmosphere of former times, when the fashion was paganism and not only. The characters of his works imbued with incredible energy and a kind of magnetism, and each of them created a masterpiece of awesomeness, causing light reflection and admiration. In addition to this subject Shishkin also writes a different genre portraits, across different times and epochs. And it is not surprising that the work of the author is very popular not only in native country but also beyond its borders, adding to private collections of lovers of this art.

Сурица. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Suritsa. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Хорс. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

horse. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Сад Ирий. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

The Garden Of Iriy. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Владимир Храбрый. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Vladimir The Brave. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Девана. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Dewan. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Игорь Черниговский. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Igor Of Chernigov. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Юная аристократка. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

the Young aristocrat. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Дама в шубке. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

the lady in the fur coat. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Леди с розой. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

Lady with a rose. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

Ларец. Автор: Андрей Шишкин.

the Casket. Author: Andrew Shishkin.

each artist has their vision on a particular topic. For example, Roman Papsuev without wasting time in vain, has created a remarkable series of works in which he presented old Russian tales in a new way. His illustrations full of exciting images of long time favorite characters, but they are all so extraordinary to look at Vasilisa the Wise, of Koschei the deathless and Baba Yaga without a smile is simply impossible.

According to the website shishkin.EN

Source: http://www.kulturologia.EN/blogs/080117/32877/

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