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Gogol "Selected Passages from Correspondence with Friends. The value of disease"

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(From a letter to gr. AP T ..... th) [1]

... My strength weakening every minute, but not the spirit. Never before had physical ailments were not so exhausting. Often it is so hard, so hard, so terrible fatigue is felt throughout the body, that he was glad the case, as God knows what, when the day finally ends and dobereshsya to bed. Often, in the emotional impotence, exclaims: "God! where is the last beach of all? "But then, when look back at yourself and look deeper inside yourself - nothing is no longer publishes the soul, except for some tears and thanksgiving. About! as we need ills! Of the many benefits that I have learned from them, I can tell you only one: now what I did there, but I still was better than he was before, nor whether these ills, I would have thought of that has already become so, how should I be. Not to mention the fact that most health that continually pushes the Russian man on some jumps and a desire to show off their qualities to others, would make me crap a thousand follies. Besides, nowadays, in my fresh minute, which gives me the grace of heaven and among themselves suffering, and sometimes come to my mind, incomparably better than before, and I see myself, now all that's come from the pen of mine, will be greater than ever. Do not be a serious painful suffering, which I'd now not listed! no matter how great a man imagined himself! But, hearing every minute that my life is at stake, that the disease may stop suddenly, that my work, which is based my whole significance [2] and the one benefit that both seek to bring my soul to remain in a helpless desire, but not in performance, and will not give me any interest on these God-given talents to me and I shall be condemned, as the last of the criminals ... Hearing all this, I am humble at any moment and can not find words how to thank Heavenly Divine Providence for my illness. Take the same and you obediently every ailment, believing in advance that he needed. Pray to God only that opened in front of you its a wonderful value and the depth of his high point.


1. The letter was addressed to Count Alexander Petrovich Tolstoy (1801-1873). In "Selections ..." pointing to him, at least seven letters of articles - more than anyone else. Correspondence Gogol and Tolstoy was extensive, but after the death of the writer Tolstoy, perhaps, destroyed his letters. In any case, the spring of 1852 he reported to his sister, SP Apraksina that in examining the paper Gogol (Gogol died at his home), and withdraws its letter to the deceased (see: Palamarchuk; PG List survivors from the burning of manuscripts Gogol //Gogol: History and Modernity. Moscow, 1985). For Tolstoy, the reputation of man who played in the life of Gogol's fateful role. Often you can find a reference to the words of S. Aksakov, who considered familiar with Tolstoy's "strongly disastrous for Gogol. However, if we turn to the person of Count Tolstoy and the details of his relationship with Gogol, we will see a different picture.
He was a descendant of the Georgian king Vakhtang VI. At sixteen he joined the army, twenty-eight granted aide-de-camp, then was a diplomat, Governor of Tver (1834-1837), Governor-General in Odessa (1837-1840). After the conflict with the Prince MS Vorontsov, Novorossiysk and Bessarabian Governor-General, Tolstoy in 1840, resigned and went abroad. By service, he returned only in 1855 and has held major public office Procurator of the Synod and a member of the State Council.
Getting Gogol and Tolstoy took place back in the thirties (in 1839 they were already copied). Over time, this acquaintance became a close friendship. Gogol attracted much in Tolstoy, in particular - natural goodness, religious sentiments of the soul, inclination towards asceticism. Anna Gogol, the writer's sister, told VI Shenrok the words of his brother, that Tolstoy secretly wore chains (Shenrok B. and materials for the biography of Gogol M., 1897. T. 4. S. 409). IV Kireyevsky said of him: "It's easier to become live after a meeting with a man" (cited in: Filippov, T. Memoirs of Count Alexander Petrovich Tolstoy /citizen. 1874 number 4. S. 113). Extremely expressive feature of Tolstoy, after his appointment as chief procurator of the Synod in 1856 gave the NP-Gilyarov Platonov, in a letter to the Archpriest A. Gorsky, a professor and later rector of the Moscow Theological Academy: "It's hard to find a man more devoted Church more than ready for any improvement and at the same time, less inclined to pursue some personal accounts in the management of so important a part. <...> It belongs to the category of those people whom I do not know how else to describe how to call them Optina Christians. These are people who deeply respect the spiritual life, wishing to see the leaders of the clergy to the spiritual heights of life, eager to Orthodox Christianity in Russia was the realization of what we read in Isaac, Varsonofy and so on. And he himself in his life is gone. No less can not tolerate the treasury, with the formalism and vanity in Christianity <...> These people belonged to the late Gogol ... "(Materials for a biography of NP-Gilyarova Platonova //Russian Review. 1896. № 12 C. 997).
It is unclear to what extent the influence of Gogol, Tolstoy, Gogol's writing but to him the forties are imbued with the same didactic tone, and that in relation to other recipients, "All that being said, I respect the Lent and standing before you wearing feats of fasting and , follow with literal accuracy, as if it may seem you do not need to or not going to matter. Put also a voluntary vow of abstinence in the word all this time the ... "(From a letter dated March 5, Gogol BC. Art. 1845). Gogol, Tolstoy's attributed to the number of people "who can do a lot of our good under the current circumstances, it is Russia that is not arrogant to European height, but straight from the Russian middle sees a healthy thing," and urged him to do public work.
Gogol repeatedly stopped at Count Tolstoy in Paris, and in the years 1848-1852. lived in his house on Nikitsky Boulevard in Moscow, where he wrote the second volume of "Dead Souls". "Here for Gogol as caring for a child - remembering NV Berg - giving him complete freedom in all. He did not exactly care about anything "(Gogol in the memoirs of contemporaries. S. 504). Oral stories of Tolstoy became the main source of information about the dying days of Gogol.
In this letter, Gogol develops common for Christian writers thought about the importance of disease and human suffering for his spiritual rebirth. This idea he intended to translate the second volume of "Dead Souls".

2. "Dead Souls».
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