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Винтажные и старинные предметы интерьера..
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Nicholas Romadin, "magical" painting ......

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... One day in the studio came Nikolai Mikhailovich Romadina writer Alexei Tolstoy . Small landscape he loved , he took it off the wall , took a long look and then said only one word : "Witchcraft ! "
The future artist was born in Samara, in the family of a railroad worker. His father was no stranger to painting in leisure time took out paint brush - painted pictures of the sea , which is never seen . But he did not really want his son to become an artist - this profession , in his opinion , was not serious for men . However, when his father was away, Nick took his paints and brushes - then from them it was impossible to tear . Father did not like it in the family brewing conflict . In 1922 Nicholas gathered their few belongings and went to Moscow to study at Higher Art .
Hardly imagined the angry father that his son would become a famous artist , and that his modest pictorial experiments will make a world treasure - in 1997 in the Spanish city of Seville hosted an unusual exhibition " Three generations of Russian artists Romadin " , which exhibited it, Michael A. , paintings his son Nicholas and grandson Michael. The exhibition was a great success.
But from vhutemasovskoy benches to deluxe room in Seville will be many years . Path to himself, to Romadin whom we know and love , was not easy. " ... Come out of the very core of the people, he took the hard way to familiarizing painting - wrote Paustovsky . - If not for his tenacity and desperate obsession with painting, if not intolerable his love for Russia and its landscape , it could remain among the many self-taught artists ... But he raised himself , came out on the high road and the power of his talent won him such a great teacher and harsh as Nesterov . "
Nicholas Romadin , being passionate , temperamental and enthusiastic man , rushed to painting to extremes , tried it all - and themed canvases for " topical " themes , and portrait, which has achieved great recognition. His "Self-Portrait " , executed in 1948, is now in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence . A great honor !
In the late 1930s Romadin unexpectedly refused them all already created than could well be proud of, and goes into a pure landscape . On the easel , canvas, paints and brushes , with a small backpack he disappeared for months in the northern , central Russian and other expanses and towns . " Romadin knows where to find the thick frost , where there are the most powerful in the country ate , what colors are needed for the river and the wind and rain for what twilight - noted Paustovsky . - If he wrote about all of this , it would have been a fascinating book and unlike anything in the literature . "
The artist has done something similar, but only in painting . And it was fun and unlike anything else in the landscape art .
Exposed on the first solo exhibition in 1940 , his work hath revealed in new domestic painting , original name. The big event was the visit to the exhibition Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov . The meeting was very important for the artist. Primarily in recognition of his undoubted talent, the truth of his way. Nesterov Romadina introduced to his circle of friends , among whom were Pavel Korin , Ivan Efimov, Pyotr Konchalovsky , Xenia Derzhinskaya singer , famous physician Vladimir Filatov , pianist Sviatoslav Richter , famous writers , scientists, philosophers .
Unexpected and , perhaps, the highest award for photography Levitan , Mikhail Romadin passed it with the words, " Levitan gave me a picture , as a follower of the traditions of the Russian landscape . Keep it up and then when you see fit , pass it on to the young artist , who honorably can continue this line ! "
During the Great Patriotic War Nicholas Romadin created a large series of paintings "Volga - Russian River ." Almost all of it is now in the Tretyakov Gallery , and now represented in the exhibition . As, however , as well as other large series of paintings called " Season " , inspired by the music of Tchaikovsky and the paintings of Claude Lorrain .
Painting " Kerzhenets ", written in 1946, became a landmark in the artist. The most characteristic for him , the most romantic and mysterious . Her story, at first glance, is very simple. It's time to spring flooding , dense forest , as if growing out of the dark , bleak and frozen water in some anxious waiting . And even cockleboat with two human silhouettes disturbs this magical , " Berendeevo " kingdom. Look closely , gave his experience , his mood - suddenly you cover a strange , elusive mystical feeling . If you touch the unfathomable mystery of the universe, which can only feel , but do not understand , not to grasp . This mysterious mystery open - or rather intuitively cognized artist, and there is something that is fraught with " Kerzhenets " that we are concerned about it , strikes , and that is intriguing in our minds set associative guesses, mirages and wondrous dreams.
Yes, and the artist fell under strange , mystical charm of his creations. Son Nicholas Romadina - Michael recalls that his father once said to him: " You know , I had a vision .... Painting " Kerzhenets " stood on an easel in the studio. I'm going back to the studio from the house , open the door and see. .. - father whispering , - on a chair in front of an easel with a brush in his hand man sitting and writing my " Kerzhenets ." The man turned and looked at me , and a moment later melted in the air. It was him! " . " Who is he? " - I asked . Father APPROACHED lips to my ear and rapped in a loud whisper , " Nesterov ! "
One son Nicholas Romadin said : "If you want , I will tell you the great secret of painting? " But Michael was young, it took quite some mundane , everyday things , which he considered more important to themselves than the recognition of his father. So his secret he never knew . Now very sorry about this .
Probably, this is a great mystery and lies in " Kerzhentse " other most significant works - " Kudinskoe lake", " Yarensky forest" , "White Night" , amazing in its emotional impact , at its subtlest figurative magic ; "Winter Ostrovsky " " Senezh . pink winter ", " winter Fancy ," "The Fog . Oka ", "In Ryazan places Esenina " ...
They probably will remain for us an exciting and unfathomable mystery of the divine gift of the artist. True, perhaps , visitors see through his dreams , but everyone - in its own way , so many meanings of his work .
Nicholas Romadin not like being called a realist or " socialist realist " , knowing full well that in his landscapes there is nothing " socialist ." For example, I would consider his work to the mystical romanticism . However, is it necessary to give a definition of his talent ? He - Nicholas Romadin with its own unique imaginative world. And that is enough. However, I can not recall one such right , is the exact definition. Witchcraft ! ......
Yevgraf Death (article " Sorcerer Lake Nicholas Romadina " )
1 Spring ruchey.1953.51h72sm.Karton , maslo.Kostromskoy museum ..
2 . Sparrows . 1961.52h72sm.Karton , maslo.Chelyabinskaya art gallery.
3 . Kerzhenets.1946 g.Holst oil . 52 x 98 sm.Tretyakovka .
4 . Kudinskoe lake. 1974-1978 .
5 . Winter with firs. 1985 .
6.Tashkent . Navoi Street . Spring.
7. Fresh breeze. 1954.53h74
8.Auktsion Sotbis.33h45 Karton.maslo.1945 year. ( Record sales). Private collection .
9. Зима.34х50см.Картон.масло.подпись 1961. ( Picture from personal collection )

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