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Igor Panov was born in 1969 in Togliatti. Lives and works in his hometown. In 2001 he graduated from St.-Петербургский state academic Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I.E. Repina (a workshop of Professor V. V. Sokolov).

Since 1993 began to exhibit. The participant of regional, all-Russian and foreign exhibitions. In 2008 he became the laureate of the National award in the field of contemporary fine and decorative art of Russia" Русская gallery XXI century", was awarded a silver medal. Art works have been published in magazines, books and albums. Works by I. G. Panova stored in Togliatti art Museum, the Bashkir state art Museum im. M. V. Nesterov, historical Sergievsky-краеведческом Museum, the Museum of the history of the city and the art collection of the city of Wolfsburg.

member of the Union of artists of Russia and of Peter"s Academy of arts and Sciences. Currently - associate Professor of Togliatti state University, faculty of fine and applied art.

Igor Panov interesting landscape, portrait, and still life. But the most significant work written in the genre of thematic paintings.

" Зеленый may"

gentry creates a series of works that are results of his trips to the Altai, the Crimea, the Caucasus, the Urals, Karelia, Germany, Montenegro, Egypt, Italy, and the Golden ring of Russia. His works the artist painted in the Studio using done while traveling full-scale sketches, sketches and photographs. The author betrays his impressions about what he saw, reinterpreting them in philosophical terms. It is important for him not just to show a particular landscape or still life collected in the attributes of antiquity, but to create meaning and emotion image, refracted through his understanding of the subject image. In this case, has the value of the erudition of the author and his perception of the characteristics of a civilization related to the theme of the work. When you look at his paintings the viewer may feel like an animated historical past of the region. Landscape for him –" нескончаемый flow информации".

Artist says:" Я not a fan of industrialization and do not like the city from-за their straight lines. Romance my village and just природная." that is why the canvases of the artist - yellow, warm river sand, green fields, river gave, and space, and the will, and the sun.

Very interesting series of paintings" Из childhood" inspired by childhood memories of holidays in the village with my grandmother, on the days filled with games and running around with the boys, the river, the fields and coppices. In the works of the series reveals experiences about those who have died serene joy and fullness of life when you are, it would seem, belongs to the whole world.

Working in the General traditions of Russian realistic school, Igor Panov, in search of his own way in art seeks to enrich and complicate the visual language of painting works.

In the clouds

0- панов - под плакучими ивами.jpg

Under the weeping willows

0- панов - летние дни. тарÐанка.jpg


a Good wind


0- панов - очарованный.jpg
0- панов - волга. теплое побережье.jpg

Old coat

the old baths

Little bather

Flying before bed

Calmed down

spring Awakening

Pacific beach

April morning

Spring birch

Spring days

may day

In spring forest

After a summer rain

In the village

Evening chores

In Pereslavl Zalesskiy

In Rostov the Great

Paradise Lost

In the Daisy fields

birch coolness

the Sky over the river

Pier on the Volga

the banks of the Volga

Bakhilova mountain

a Quiet evening

the North chapel

and the evening


the sea in the Morning in the Crimea

Morning in the Crimea

Warm light

Autumn day on the Volga

Clear autumn

In the autumn forest


Golden autumn

Mid October

In Suzdal

it"s Time dandelions. 2012

ПраÐдничное чаепитие

Festive tea. 2012

Summer still life

Blue lamp

Morning cherry



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