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Jewelry in a single copy

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Jewelry in a single copy: Margot McKinney Jewelry for the most elegant women who appreciate individuality.

Brenda Margot McKinney turned 135 years, and these decorations can be accurately recognized among jewelry other jewelers to create exclusive jewelry in a single copy. Massive, bright combination of bright precious stones of irregular shape and large pearls and innovative solutions in design. Margot Mspe – jewelry for the most elegant women in the world who appreciate individuality.

Margot McKinney and her jewels.

the history of the brand Margot McKinney began in 1884, when the family of Irish immigrants McKinney settled in the Australian Quinoline. The head of the family John McKinney has created a jewelry business and created his products quickly gained recognition. Today the business is managed by the fourth generation of the family in the person of Margot McKinney.

Margot McKinney Australian opal and diamond cocktail ring ($350,000).

Earrings" Tree of life" Margot McKinney with a carved tourmalines, decorated with multicolored sapphires and coritani.

Experts say that Margot McKinney is one of the few designers who is able to connect reality with dreams in an incredibly luxurious jewelry. To verify this, it is enough to see the bracelet with Australian opal, surrounded by tourmalines, sapphires and diamonds, Paraiba. Wearing this bracelet will get your wrist in a tropical lagoon fringed exotic jungle.

Bracelet in yellow gold with Australian opal, Paraiba tourmaline and color accents of precious stones ($ 125 000).

Or necklace" Exotic abundance", where you can see the translucent shallows and mysterious depths with diamond points of light.

Necklace, Margot McKinney" Exotic abundance" contains a variety of Paraiba tourmalines, colored gems and opals Lightning Ridge ($ 695 000).

Margo McKinney speaks of himself as a perfectionist with a sixth sense rocks. Her skill is to make each gem as natural and unique as a blade of grass. Margo avoids the formalities that are normally associated with jewelry, and seeks to emphasize not a luxury, and beauty of each stone.

Earrings by Margot McKinney.

"Mother-природа does not limit the number of colors on the wing of a parrot", @- says Margot McKinney and sees no need to limit yourself to the quantity and variety of stones in jewelry that are equally organic look on the stars that go on the red carpet for the beauties who decided to show off on the beach.

Double ring Margot McKinney with two-tone green tourmaline and Australian opal Lightning Ridge.

Margot McKinney Paraiba, tourmaline and countless gems ($ 95 000).

Margot McKinney is a real hunter of treasures. She even made friends with the miners who mined opals at Lightning Ridge.

Margot McKinney Opal Lightning Ridge multi colored cocktail ring with precious stones ($35,000).

These hardworking people know exactly what Margot wants, and as soon as-то exclusive, she learns about it first. And diamonds, amethysts, aquamarines – they are flocking to Margo from around the world. She creates jewelry that will forever remain in the hearts of all who see them at least once.


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