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Запись от Марат Гельман размещена 27.03.2019 в 12:00

  • W, 15:15: cheers, Igor Tsukanov (Igor Tsukanov) we can congratulate. And artists of course: the ranking of the most popular exhibition... https://t.co/BNh02BsD0q
  • W, 16:22: Erdogan proposed to deprive the Hagia Sophia and the status of a Museum and to turn it back into a mosque: and what you do with it... https://t.co/Vacz0re3GR
  • W, 17:10: RT @vladoga16: the Exhibition" Artistic rebellion. The post-Soviet actionism" at the Saatchi Gallery (Saatchi Gallery),London , ranked 28th in rate...
  • W, 18:32: I imagine the eyesight improved. I think It"s because his eyes see, or green, or blue. Fifth year MS... https://t.co/DsvlLp2xKB
  • W, 19:26: Abyzov came to the government with my help. Then I was sorry ten times, and in General about this story with a big ruler... https://t.co/Q7oTNzbSdp
  • W, 20:01: sad 2: I don"t know how it will help Israel, but trump recognizing Israeli Golan triggers disk... https://t.co/NGKtTawBYK
  • W, 21:54: sad 3: in Moscow two consecutive exhibitions of your favorite artists Komar and Melamid and Seeds Faibisovich. And I will never see.

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