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THE NEW TURNING POINT... of the painters association "Artel"

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THE NEW TURNING POINT... Of the painters association “Artel”

On the website: WWW. art-faсt.com by Association of Belarusian painters "ARTEL" ("the virtuosos of Minsk") presents a compact, well-organized group, of the painters which don’t similar each other, they are a masterly professionals, known for an art lovers not only in Belarus but also in other countries.
According to the leader of the group, painter and art theorist Gregory Nesterov, the art and world community today are in the same crisis situation as a world society since the formation of a modernist art.
The continuation of the inertial motion in a straight line leads us for a disaster.
We come to the period when the society, in the order to self-preservation, should change as the direction of movement and the style and character of life.
If the art of the period of a modernism was characterized by the rejection of the past culture and the independence of the individual from any kind of ties, the new, waiting of us a turn, forces to look for the lost – the love and respect for the other person and to the world in General.
Welcome to our website of the art lovers and collectors.
We are ready to communicate.


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