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Винтажные и старинные предметы интерьера..
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Antique shop "[email protected] - the collector" the street 3

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Antique salon "Сочи @ - the collector", Tchaikovsky str 3
Author's blog on FB constantly new items DPI ( on this site are rare)

You would like to sell,evaluate or buy Antiques ? It is very simple to do !
You can:call our salon by phone 8 (862) 254-40-93 or 8-918-107-30-30 to talk with an expert, you can send a photo of the subject: [email protected]
The expert is always on site and will answer all your questions.
We are interested in:
- Russian and European paintings and graphics 19 - 20th century,
- ancient icons - and other objects of worship,
- porcelain - including Soviet porcelain, such as - figurines LFZ,
- vintage books - until 1917 edition,
- bronze - sculptures, chandeliers, even individual parts,
- collectible badges,coins - as tsarist Russia and Soviet period
- old postcards, photographs, archives, manuscripts, autographs, engravings,
-любой other Antiques and antiquities.
- items from China 50-60гг. vases, boxes, cloisonne, porcelain vases, stamps , postcards, paintings...
We buy for cash....open daily from 9.30 to 18 hours.( without lunch)
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