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"he was killed for what walked across".

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a) is the reaction of the government, mean: "it killed not we, we are unprofitable, it killed its overseas owners brought a sacrificial victim",
b) there is moderate reaction Murphy: "he's already interest is not represented, this household crime"
in) and there is a replica not even vile and morally defective: "and why should I be sorry? I, too, will die is me who is sorry? and he was a reformer, and these reforms have led to the poverty of the country. Why I should be sorry?"

You didn't regret that for a whim?
You can regret (like the Patriotic citizens - Russians. (As does the warlord Givi), show the prisoner Ukrainian soldier on the traces of artillery fire and anger to shout:"who did it?" And to beat a prisoner whose hands are tied. At this point, the warlord Givi, which beats the associated regular soldier fighting with the invaders, defends the truth that the army should not be at war with terrorists. And this also has its own truth. However, field commander Givi made no attempt to evacuate civilians outside of the fighting, but on the contrary, he kept the fire from residential areas, hiding behind civilians. And to blame for the shelling of residential neighborhoods himself Givi. But the warlord doesn't remember this in his wrath. And - however - Givi also had a set of moral emotions. Him (at this point) civilians sorry. When you fired residential neighborhoods, pity was not. But it is still a moral emotion.
And you can regret all - compassionate to everyone who died and any displaced.
All people pity - brought into this vile imperialist slaughter. Right to regret every dead - and all the people who died in this war.
Russia, staring at the empty place - because disadvantaged capitalist interests - slaughter people don't recognize, but sorry all: Ukrainians, Russians, and those soldiers, who were taken to Donbass to die for the fantasy of the "Russian world", and those civilians who were convinced that they want to release from the Ukrainian people, in which they lived always. All pity.
And Nemtsov not sorry.
They need to be proud of.
He spoke out against the vile war in the days when millions fooled wanted blood.
Had the courage to go against the common barking when the crowd was nautical on brotherly people.
He was killed for what was coming across.
When all bark, human voice sounds insulting.
Killed for it - and because preparing another big war. More people will be killed. And he interfered.
And that's about it - who died because he was against the war - filister says: why do I have to regret? I now have no regrets!
To pity filister difficult, he did nothing, except that barked in the bunch; but all the same, and sorry for him.
Yes, we will all die, and all of us sorry: - deceived, sluggish, sleepy, docile, stupid, cowardly, pathetic of all.

But Nemtsov's not sorry, he's the only one on this vile war died for the right cause.
And no country Nemtsov never destroyed. The USSR collapsed himself from crappy economy, theft and envy outside world.

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