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20 the main rules, how to work and earn after 50

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20 the main rules,how to work and earn after 50
1. Remember, professionalism is no expiration date. With age your professional abilities only become better as enriched by the experience.
2. Don't try and work the way you've worked with before, to maintain the previous status, to continue his career. With age and experience changes our attitude to work and that the work brings us joy and satisfaction. This must be taken into account.
3. To be desired and demanded more important than having a high social status.
4. Money is important. But the pleasure is much more important.
5. Quality of life and freedom is more important than career ambitions.
6. Idleness is a form of suicide.
7. Don't be afraid to start a new business, how would you not be years. There is nothing better for the brain than new experiences and challenges. There is nothing healthier than a job that is joy.
8. Not looking for a job for pay. Instead, start to let a very small - but its own thing. This will give you the freedom and sense of relevance, but, most importantly, an opportunity not to depend on other people's stereotypes about your age. In order to get paid, you need to convince their abilities of others, and to receive the income is enough to convince myself.
9. Not nanomites and not hire. Themselves sell the results of their individual work and their personal abilities.
10. With age, learning becomes more difficult, and easier.
11. Find what you like to do and learn how to get money for it. This is the job of your dreams.
12. Remember, what you like to do is a hobby. To the hobby became a business, you need to find the form in which it is demanded of others. It is not always easy, but always possible.
13. Imaginary possibilities are always more attractive than real. But the real good that they can be used.
14. Age when too late to learn a new profession, does not exist.
15. Age does not create physical limitations. Them creates our perception of it.
16. Never too late to try to become what you wanted to be when you grow up. Even if it doesn't work, the journey is worth it!
17. There may come a time when you feel that life will not bring you nothing good. It is not true.
18. Even for free it's better to work than not to work at all
19. Use your experience, not your time. Selling your time, you will lose it, selling your experience only its increase.
20. All these rules are not only "there for them", but "here".
Vladimir Yakovlev
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