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English teaching professional direction aims to define its style, grammar, speech features and is a process of transition from commonly used values ​​of the genre, style shades. Among the words and phrases of professional vocabulary observed innovation and adaptation of literary language in typical professional situations. Typically, a terminology waiter stands among the most used things characterization guests and typical situations that happen in the restaurant.
Thus, the dictionary includes waiter adaptation - job titles: host /hostess - the host /hostess with the professional value of the positions in the restaurant, the adaptation of the case - a process, for example. ticket has a total value "ticket" in the dictionary restaurant gets narrowed to "order", innovation: busser, bus person, bus-boy-messenger. Phrase - adaptation: walk the check - to leave without paying.
Education dictionary waiter is virtual role in verbal situations in which you may be involved the entire group of students. This is the role: the mistress - the client, the server - client in situations meeting, the order of calculation. Speech situations governed by ritual restoramu and divided by saying customers and waiters. On the content of statements can be reduced to a waiter etiquette formulas welcome suggestions, questions, tips., Dr. .. Because of the little time and emotional problems riznomovnosti clients speech waiter tends to short, unambiguous statements on the business, positive content. In etiquette formulas fitsiantiv observed widespread use of modal verbs, especially in the subjunctive mood. Sentence in the imperative mood reflect the wishes of a pleasant mood and appetite. Typical polite remarks anglophone clients are also reflected modal verbs and conditional manner verb.
All the linguistic and non-linguistic resources and create an image of a helpful kind waiter able to meet customer requirements, not only to maintain, but also to create a good mood and appetite.
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