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1942 - born in Moscow (July 30) on the Arbat
1954 graduated from children's art studio in Polianka (the painter. Chernyshova)

1959 graduated from art school № 1 on Kropotkin

1968 defended her diploma at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute - Department of decoration printing products. Diploma - design books (poems by Edward Lear)

1963-1997 - with pleasure always worked as an artist-designer (trademarks, corporate identity, advertising). Of these, 20 years under the guidance of renowned painter and graphic artist M. Schwartzman.

1997 to 2011 - teaches graphic design at the Department of GUI "design"

Went in search of painting and drawing. Parallel work in two directions: postsuprematicheskaya graphics and abstract painting. Series of gouaches - spontaneous calligraphic abstraction with expressionistic bloom, some prints of mental life and moments.

His works are in private collections in Russia, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Israel, the U.S., France


1991 Moscow U.S. traveling exhibition of calligraphy, first in Moscow and then in the cities and states in the U.S.

1991. Spring exhibition of Moscow artists. Moscow.

1991 "Search for abstraction." Moscow

1992 "Geometry in Art." Moscow

1992 "exhibition at the Manezh Crusade." Moscow

I would also note that the artist came the blog, which presented many of her works, some of them sold. see more detail with the work of Irina Mudrova at this link http://irinamodrova.blogspot.ru/
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