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Art ideologist - a charlatan and a manipulator or visionary and seer?

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Can a person who is weak or insufficiently versed in the arts, be it ideology? The answer may seem surprising and paradoxical: not only can, but must. Many people know that he is good coach who did not play for the national team, because it does not interfere with the many prejudices of the former star.

There is a Taoist proverb. The Emperor was a passionate lover of racehorses. A deal with the selection of horses old groom. Once the groom came to the emperor and said that he was old and about to die, and it should take a worthy place of dignity.
- Find me a man - ordered the emperor.
After a while the groom returned to the monk-hermit.
- This is the one who needs you, sir, - said the old groom.
- As a monk may be a connoisseur of horses? - Astonished emperor. - However, let's test him. Let the herd choose the best chestnut steed.
The monk did not hesitate to choose a horse and led him to the emperor. He just gasped:
- So he's not a bay, it piebald! In addition, this mare! - Exclaimed the Emperor.
- It is in this fact of the matter is - replied groom. - He sees much deeper than the usual horse-suit ...

Where does this vision? I think it is - the result of several components. First, it is systems thinking. For art ideologist requires impartial and detached view. He has to look at art as one of the systems that exist in the human society and, consequently, to operate on these entities. Shown here, so to speak, synergistic approach. For example, it should be remembered that there are no absolute criteria of the value of works of art. Any assessment of the significance of an artistic product - a masterpiece of Leonardo formalin experiments Hirst - is deeply subjective and can not be assessed on the basis of the same universal criteria. But the question most of these criteria - and is the main subject of art ideologue.

In the history of art collecting was a period of 1910-1920 years., The beginning of a boom gathering. Prices for paintings of the great masters jumped through the roof. Disappeared from the market first paintings of the Renaissance masters, then - Baroque, Rococo and mannerism. Next came the turn of classicism and realism. Here and it is time art ideologues who had to answer the question: what next? Who "appoint" the next great and make the audience to buy them? Of course, those were the Impressionists. But art ideologues looked on, knowing that the Impressionists too little and prepare a foothold in the form of the "new" avant-garde art and its many "denominations" stylistic dissonance and freedom of artistic language, free from the once inviolable demands of figurative ...

I think the astute reader will be able to develop this discourse to this day. Let me just say one thing: now working on who will be the next couple of years, lawmakers cultural events ...

Second, the occupation (one can hardly call it a profession) implies absolute ownership of hermeneutical principles. Art ideologue should perfectly understand the other forms of art and be able to work out a common typology for all the various cultural phenomena. Here, help me philological and musical diversity and education, plus certain superficiality of cultural interests.

Thirdly, the art must be a first-rate ideologue psychologist. Manipulator, if you want. In a measure of cynical, but not unprincipled. After all, the same people come for a consultation with a psychologist or therapist. And someone must resolve their problem: in this case, to tell them that there is a "true art" and what is not. Such a commitment from collectors and the general public is. Only need to be able to use this great energy for peaceful purposes. But, in fact, who buy art? People who have everything. And even more. But human nature is such that you always want something else: whether the Constitution, whether salmon mayonnaise, in the words of a classic. This "desire" can cause serious frustration. If the "doctor" time does not tell you what's what.

Fourth, art ideologist should be a philosopher, and have an idea of ​​the principles through which the world works and what is the nature of human perception. Cultural fashion, style and change the language in the art for the most part independent of changes in worldview discourse. A philosopher sees barely nascent new in the living structures are quite old and proactively begin to construct a new paradigm.

I foresee a natural question: what is it all - a simulacrum? It is not easy to answer. If we consider this notion in its original Platonic sense, all around us, including ourselves, is "fake", "reflection" deeper metaphysical entities. Yes, art ideologist works with secondary material of a different order, and his weapon - a phenomenological method. Ideally, it is the only point of reference and universal criterion of truth.

Art guru and art dealer - two different types of activities, which, however, does not preclude their combination. As well as the combination of being a great artist with a given task. As it was, for example, in the case of Salvador Dali, who created his own hands surreal trend in art, or Schoenberg invented the twelve-tone system.

And the last. Art ideologue must sacrifice a lot in order to preserve their art in its original chastity and integrity. And above all - success, fame and wealth. To choose the right horse in numerous herds, should still be a monk ...
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