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Questions about the paintings

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1) What is the eminent English landscape painter wrote in honor of the IK Aivazovsky's poem? Reply: William Turner (1775-1851). 2) French painter and sculptor, founder of the abstract movement in painting? Answer: Hans (Jean) Arp (1887-1966). 3) The famous Italian painter, whose surrealist thought their forerunner. He worked at the court of King's famous mystic Rudolf in Prague. Famous images of people, composed of vegetables, fruit and vegetables? Answer: Giuseppe Arcimboldo (c. 1530-1593). 4) Russian painter, graphic artist and stage designer, born in Grodno, adorned ballet performances of "Scheherazade" and "Firebird"? Answer: The Lion Samuilovich Bakst (1866-1924) 5) Italian painter Bartolommeo della Porta. After the death of his friend and mentor Savonarolly haircut in the monastery of San Marco. Under what name? Answer: Fra Bartolommeo (1472-1517). 6) Italian painter, considered the ancestor of the peasant genre of painting? A: Jacopo Bassano (yes Poite, 1517-1592). 7) What four prominent artists of the characters portrayed by Paolo Veronese in his famous painting "The Marriage at Cana?" A: Myself, Ya.Tintoretto, and Ya.Bassano V.Titsiana. 8) Who was the famous Swiss artist, who influenced the development of symbolism and expressionism? He owns the famous painting "The Isle of the Dead." A: Arnold Bocklin (1827-1901). 9) The family of Italian artists, who became the founder of Venetian Renaissance? A: The Bellini. 10) The family of prominent Russian artists and architects of XIX-XX centuries? Reply: Benoit. 11) A representative of the family Benoit, one of the founders of the "World of Art", an artist, eminent art critic and museum worker? Reply: Alexander Benois (1870-1960). 12) The great Italian sculptor and architect, one of the brightest representatives of the Baroque, invited the King of France to rebuild the Louvre? A: Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1689). 13) Who is the author of the sculpture "Apollo and Daphne?" The name of an Italian sculptor, author of "Ecstasy of St. Teresa" to the altar of the Cathedral of St.. Peter's in Rome? A: Lorenzo Bernini. 14) Which of the great Italian sculptor owns the project area and the colonnade in front of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome? A: Lorenzo Bernini. 15) Outstanding English schedule, one of the founders of Art Nouveau? He died young, and bequeathed to destroy their work. A: Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898). 16) English painter, belonged to the younger generation Pre-Raphaelites. His daughter was the mother of Rudyard Kipling? Answer: Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) .35), who is depicted in the painting of Charles Bryullov "Rider"? Answer: Giovanina Pachchini. 36) What was the name of the painter and the court of Spanish King Philip IV? Later promoted to the chamberlain, and in 1659 was elevated to the knights and admitted to the Military Order of the aristocratic Santiago. Reply: Diego de Silva Velázquez (1599-1660). 37) Russian artist-battle scenes, in the formation of a naval officer. Killed in the explosion of the battleship "Petropavlovsk" in Port Arthur? Answer: V.V.Vereschagin (1842-1904). 38) How many paintings included in Turkestan series V.V.Vereschagina? What is the most famous of them? Answer: 121 sheet, including "The Apotheosis of War". 39) What are the series of battles were still created V.V.Vereschaginym? Answer: India has a series of 22 canvases, the Russian-Turkish war is reflected in the 13 canvases. 40) Which of the Dutch painters, a native of Delft, famous for scenes of everyday life, has long been forgotten, was re-evaluated the Impressionists? A: Jan Vermeer of Delft (1632-1675).
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