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Training in community art studios WISHON

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community art studio WISHON - is successfully developing a project actually thinking team, from their perspective and their own view of things. Our main objective - is to pass the professional experience of their students, help them discover their talents and broaden the perception of the world. How do we do? Very simple! To do this, for the past 4 years, we recruit training courses in various fields: photography, drawing, painting and design - and do not plan to stop there.
   In our community art studio WISHON, you can choose a course that will satisfy your desires. Our teachers provide training in three main areas:
- School Photos:
           Basic course in photography
           Studio photography /Fashion Glamour Beauty
           Photo Reportage
           Treatment for the photographer
        Master-class "Object Imaging
        Photo project: Working with the model
- School of Design
        Basic Course Design
        Graphic Design
        Landscape Design
- School of drawing and painting
        Basic course in drawing and painting
        Course of drawing for children
 During training our teachers, will be for you and a friend and support, and a strict but fair teacher. The full answer to the most complex, interesting, and sometimes stupid questions. Upon completion of training, you will think differently about familiar things. Education will provide an incentive for further development in their chosen field. The vast majority of students maintains friendly relations with their teachers, which is an advantage in promoting themselves and their ideas. Exchange of creative ideas, trade secrets and techniques, joint projects and much more, this is what we call our students. Good professional, creative and alliances - is the key to the successful development of themselves as professional, and promote their businesses.
Any of the selected areas of learning and useful in everyday life. Each of us has ever faced the problem of "do it yourself or instruct another?". So why not rely only on their own strength and capabilities. We do not propose to engage in alternative medicine, in the case of the disease. But knowing the fundamentals and techniques of photos, you diversify your everyday life - whether it's vacation, travel, working weekdays or family holiday - all these moments will be sealed by you, delighting you and your family. The course design will help you change around the interior, to create a unique interior and copyrights are things that will fit perfectly into everyday space. Education Landscape design - it's a great excuse to do not only "housing problem", but also to undertake professional acumen for "cottage". It's time to surprise and please, and maybe get envy of their neighbors in-town site. Down with dull beds! Ah, yes, to create masterpieces in his garden: columbarium, rock gardens and creative!
We also offer classes for your children, where children with mladye years learn the theory and practice of photography, in an interesting and playful way reveal their talents in the classroom for drawing and painting. We seek to engage all target groups, regardless of age, gender, political or religious beliefs. In the studio, community art WISHON can engage the whole family, and further discuss their ideas on family "planning session" in the kitchen.
 But do not forget that community art studio WISHON - this concentration of cultural events and contemporary trends, but still in close proximity with the Centre for Contemporary Art Winery. Informal communication, inquisitive young team, a modern office, professional studio, where you study, here's what dreams creatively oriented modern inhabitant metropolis.
In our Studios social art WISHON, you are bound to find, what you lacked, but in the creative aspirations and ideas, money, unfortunately, can not help but teach you how to earn with their talent and skill!
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