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City of the Future

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Architecture - the theme is quite ambitious . But, alas, now there are few outstanding artists who have been able to offer something truly impressive . In the historical locations around the world we will have thousands of magnificent buildings , but it's monuments. What are building right now? Go outside and look. Yes, the same type of box. And inside ? And inside there is nothing to watch . People are also included in the world, as in the picture

feel completely modern on the planet. That such a structure can be considered a work of modern architecture. Its creator Chris Boss - famous Australian architect, who in a few days come to Russia to conduct a lecture. It was he who knows exactly how the city will look , in which our descendants will live , what , in fact, tells April 19 - and you can hear it live, and on the Internet : simultaneously with the beginning of lecture. It is interesting to listen to this man who is able to create original , looking for ideas of the living world around us .

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