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In no particular order … I like … First impressions. Stormy weather. Healthy foods. Swimming in rivers, oceans, pools. Forests and green spaces, camping, plants, gardening and growing anything. Biking around town on my cool red bike. The pleasure and pain of immersing yourself in another culture. Reading. Learning languages. I love, love, love trash and treasure markets, art deco and retro. Snowboarding is my new-found love and yoga has finally got under my skin. Deserted places. Seeing live music. Hanging out with my dog. Art openings. Making ugly faces and taking photos and talking total nonsense. All about New York. Saying yes, to everything. Big talks, preferably on hilltops. Words. Book loans, and the resulting conversations. Writing, too much. Making things with my hands and my brain, mostly for other people. Coming up with names for a band that will no doubt go no further than that. Reading things I find on the ground. Nicknames and middle names. Helping friends with creative projects. Exchanging ideas and skills. Making/wearing costumes. Looking around historic castles/cottages. Browsing obscure antiques. Big cities, little cities, places that aren’t cities at all. Draw, paint, decorations with any material I can find, all about Art. Nature. Indie movies. Putting my whole heart into everything I do. Life in general
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