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Alexei Smirnov

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Original taken from alexvadim to Alexey Smirnov
After the liberation of Kiev from the Germans Archimandrite Michael attempted to register the monastery, but the City Council passed a fake list of more than 100 priests and religious, to the credibility writing ordinary monks as priests , monks, many increasing their monastic experience , and adding years young.It was important to show that the main part of the monastery - the elderly , as well as among the residents there were rumors that the military service will be called upon not only men but also women , so he submitted the list significantly increased age and young nuns.
in December 1944, in Kiev, the arrests of monks and believers illegal Stavropegial Kiev monastery of arrested was Archimandrite Michael ( monastics : Artyomenko EF, M. Brigida , Garkavenko M. , T. Garkavenko , lived VA , PG Ivakhnenko Kosach OP, AV Kostyuk , Kashchenko M Myronenko EI Romancha W. A., P. Sawicki P, Salyga AI ).The accusation was standard for all -" participants church -monarchist organization , leading anti-Soviet agitation among the people ».
July 29, 1944 by the Decree of the Special Meeting of the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR all the defendants were sentenced under Art. 58-10 and 58-11 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to 5-10 years in labor camp.
As for the two people - Archimandrite Michael and monk - artist Pavel Savitsky - material evidence of the case were identified in a separate proceeding , due to"establish whether they are contacts with German intelligence agencies ."In the"Decree on the arrest" Archimandrite Michael as the head illegal Stavropegial Kiev Monastery , said that he"organized anti-Soviet - monarchist group in the monastery , systematically conducted prayers for Tsar Nicholas II and his family remained in the monastery royal tricolor and portraits of the royal family among the public , through its anti-Soviet spent defeatist propaganda ,"predicting"the death of the Soviet regime and the establishment of the USSR tsarist monarchy , provided shelter in the monastery of persons fled from punishment for the treacherous anti-Soviet activities during the German occupation , or draft evaders in the Red Army".
During the investigation , Archimandrite Michael said that"belongs to the Ancient Cathedral of the Orthodox Catholic Church," until 1925 was subject to the Patriarch Tikhon , and after his death"any ecclesiastical center and the bishops did not obey ," since , in his view,"the Patriarch was not delivered , and was" mezhdopatriarshestvo ».
ministry in the church led by him committed in council , in the presence of several priests and deacons, two or three , on the basis of monastic rules. Considering himself a direct disciple and spiritual son Schema-Abbess Michaels , he made ​​his actions"only to save his" I"in spiritual purity according to church rules." Therefore necessary for the canon cases during worship they commemorated the Emperor Nicholas II and his crown , and, he did it deliberately , according to the rules of St. John Chrysostom , which stated that all Orthodox Christians should pray for kings , no arguing - they are alive or dead.Commemoration of the king , his portraits and storage tricolor brought by different persons in the monastery welcomed them as tri-color red-blue- white flag he considered the emblem of Russia, this Russian flag.
On the investigator's questions about the Christian worldview and teachings of the Orthodox Church according to which" carry power but of God"and"the powers that every soul is subject to"earnestly replied that the Soviet regime as denying God , can not accept.For him, true Russian authorities may be only the power that is"not intended , not to oppress and creates conditions for the life of the faithful ." That's why he does not recognize Soviet power and hates , as he was arrested at her by GPU -NKVD- NKVD fourteen times , a long time in detention and for 25 years was forced , oppressed Soviet codes and laws to live in apartments parishioners illegally without passport and residence permit.And the establishment in Russia in the future instead of the existing system of autocracy considered inevitable phenomenon.
When asked about the consequences of recognition of the existing church hierarchy Archimandrite Michael said that he considers them"not canonical , ie, departed from the bosom of the apostolic church cathedral , how to stop without conciliar decree commemoration of the ruling house of the Romanovs ."To him belongs all legal clergy Soviet power, and all active churches in Russia and Ukraine are institutions NKVD. Metropolitan Sergius Starogorodskiy elected"patriarch"he said supporter of the Bolsheviks, fulfilling all orders of NKVD , and as the" patriarch"does not recognize.
Convinced Archimandrite Michael, he really is a religious person ,"strictly abide by the rules and canons of the Cathedral Apostolic Orthodox Church" , was therefore entitled to call themselves" the guardian of one of the patriarchal throne ."And after that it was anointed as king Mikhail Schema-Abbess of the clergy and monks became deservedly dignify it with the 1929"Patriarch of All Russia" ,"Ecumenical Patriarch"and"King ." As"the Patriarch of All Russia"for him to preach and performed specifically dedicated chants.
Dividing by union and autonomous republics , Archimandrite Michael did not recognize , as Russia , in his opinion , should be unified and indivisible.Ukraine only called Little Russia , the word" Ukraine" was alien to him , Ukrainian language and did not know did not want to know.Spelling same Russian language only recognized the old spelling, using long abolished indigenous words , the hard sign , letter yat, Fitou and izhitsy etc. Soviet era also did not recognize and use only the old Gregorian chronology.
After the German occupation of Kiev Archimandrite Michael spoke monks attend his parties and that seven years after the arrival of the Germans in Russia established the authority of the king. In support of their predictions told about his visit in September 1941, a wanderer named Micah , who informed him that the Germans in Russia will not be long, but the Soviet authorities also will not, and set the power of the king. When asked Archimandrite Michael Micah , who will make sure that the king would come , he replied that it would make Moscow itself.
Note that the materials of the investigation file there are indications of" witnesses" that actually"Schema-Abbess Michael does died in 1939, and her funeral was allegedly staged followers in order to conceal it from authorities Soviet power and the opening of new" miracles" ."In connection with these indications in the documents appeared on the need , first,"the call as a witness the death and funeral of Schema-Abbess Michaels concluded Svobodlaga Lupandina Anastasia ," and secondly,"opening the vault of the deceased and medical examination of the corpse - female he". Anastasia Lupandina was brought to Kiev and gave exhaustive testimony about the doctors who gave medical certificates of death, and the persons who issued the necessary information for a funeral.Autopsy and exhumation of the crypt is not needed , since the reference physician clinic death Schema-Abbess Michaels was genuine , and ample evidence of the funeral neighbors removed all suspicion.
Many witnesses testified during interrogations that the summer of 1943 when it became known offensive of the Red Army , Archimandrite Michael assured parishioners that comes not red , and Russian Army , which finally returned all the pre-revolutionary order, enter the old military ranks , established the Order of Suvorov, Kutuzov , Alexander Nevsky.
in the"Indictment"addition to the above charges , the most serious charge for Archimandrite Michael was"a close relationship with the secret police of the German authorities , who gets the job of identifying the Soviet partisans ." Upon completion of the investigation , Archimandrite Michael pleaded guilty to only one that"led them Stavropegic Kiev monastery during the time of their illegal existence has been active monarchist work against the Soviets ." Transmission of false information about the members of the monastery to the public authorities to justify it to themselves need to protect them.
Monk Pawel Sawicki artist monastery , acknowledged and signed the charge of making" anti-Soviet icons"and forging passports, certificates and other documents for the participants illegal monastery. The investigation by the prosecutor offered to send them to trial before the Special Meeting and petitioned for use Archimandrite Michael"capital punishment - the death"and a ten-year period of the camp - Pavel Savitsky.
November 25, 1944 by the Decree of the Special Meeting at the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR , Archimandrite Michael was sentenced to death , confiscation of personal property.December 21, 1944 the sentence was carried out.
In March 1957 at the request Savitskaya Yefrosinia Vasilevny about the fate of his brother , Archimandrite Michael, the reply was that Alexander Kostyuk , was sentenced to 10 years in labor camp and ,"while in custody , December 21, 1945 died of uremia kidney ."July 28, 1989 , Archimandrite Michael was finally rehabilitated.
Last investigative case participants illegal Stavropegial Kiev monastery took place in the period 1948-1949 , mostly they touched monasticism , who was arrested in 1939 and freed after serving camp term.They again accused as active" participants in illegal anti-Soviet organization of the True Orthodox Church, which was carried out in the anti-Soviet underground anti-Soviet agitation among the people , promoted the idea of ​​monarchy CPI and collected funds for the needs of illegal monastery ." All of them were sentenced to perpetual exile to Siberia or the Northern Territory.

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