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Secrets of the alphabet. The principle of "Poetry"

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WINGED image of the heavenly Aeon

is not human speech
Buzzing desert wind
And do not fatigue of human
We proclaim the evening.

No, these slow, inert
The Transfiguration of nature -
Pledge of immortality to mortals,
The original word.
N.Gumilev. "Nature"

     A thousand votes forumchanin ARTinvestmenta with the nickname "Stanislavsky" for the parable of the horses and pinto mare in his article "Art ideologue - a charlatan and a manipulator or a visionary and a seer?" (Note) These horses ancient metaphor I found the picture "Abraxas", the meaning of which is described in the essay "on the mysteries of the alphabet." Now turn to talk about pinto mare.

     High in the mountains of sky blue, blue, green creeps on naked rocks down to the sea. There, people built their house, fish, graze cattle, raise children, and dream of soaring in the clouds like a bird. The days and years fly by in daily chores, there is no time to think and how to have wings.
     And then a man walked away from the people to enrich thoughts. He traveled a lot, I read clever books, was devoted to the secret teachings. But the question is, "How to know the future?" remained unanswered, and gave him no peace. Abraxas horses raced through his mind that the words, the images, but there was no answer. "Not enough people are aware of natural principles, if they have no clue what the path to the future" - lamented the hermit. And he remembered the parable of the piebald mare, which must be run in a herd of horses to the old litter. It was in this piebald mare something special. To know what?
     Was an ascetic hermit. Asked God about this and that, and listening to your inner voice, believing that it is God in this way corresponds to his questions. And what's interesting: what is ascetic ask about God and he will answer. "This is lawful, and can only be - thought ascetic - because everyone has their inner voice, referred to the Council of God"
- Why mare to replenish the herd piebald?
- Because it is a Pegasus!
- What Pegasus is different from other horses? - Not satisfied with the answer ascetic.
- Mounts Abraxas jump on the ground all the earth, and the Pegasus is in the clouds, - assured the monk voice of God.
- There it is! Pinto - then cruise. Not like all the others - decided monk and imagined a beautiful horse with wings, God knows what color. The main thing is that the Pegasus had large wings and soar in the clouds above the clouds in the blue cloudless sky.
- Indeed, this principle is not the same as everyone else - confirmed inner voice.
- And it's true - agreed hermit - for horses Abraxas - the earthly natural principles. Each has its own physical nature, its reasonable place among the other principles and their code. Though the sound, that is, the letter, even though the view, that is an image, but its specific code. And this principle of Pegasus? What pochuyu, then introduce yourself. Well, what is this principle??
- Intuitive principle ... - Found the answer inner voice. - Who will bring you news of sky-high? Well, then, that no letters, no image. But the news of extraterrestrial! Divine! The principle and the name - "Enrichment".
- To strengthen the idea. It is tempting! Just a thought and express it more necessary. The image no words to express either. How to take the wealth? - Worried hermit.
- There will! And the image and the words there - reassured the Creator. - Beat the rhythm of what love, yes rhyming words, what will fit. You look, and favors the idea.
- Because everything around it? - Do not let up ascetic.
- So, so. Therefore, at all times, so expressed.
- So, perhaps, be called the principle of "Poetry"? - Cheered monk.
- This is the poetry of enrichment. Enrichment of consciousness being.
     For a long time talking to himself a hermit until he was sure that Pegasus has a place in the herd horses Abraxas. Drew an alphabet chart, as the sages taught overseas, he added a column of intuition and scheduled for a pleasant principle. In all the cells of a table adorned with a reasonable letter, customized to take into their company letter eon-novice. But which one? Thought hermit raised his eyes to the sky. There Pegasus soars in the blue, gathering news, and every stroke of its wings sounds to "take", "take" ... And to the ground came the "yat ...", "... yat". Monk, without hesitation, drew the icon to use them instead of the letter of the principle of "existence" and called it "yat". Very convenient. If the "branch" of the real thing - write "E" if the branch image as a family tree - write icon "YAT". This wind - the "E" shaped - "YAT".
     In the language and the name of the monk turns innovator. But this is not now.

     Winged Pegasus and today adorns the covers of books of poetry, and the sign "yat" Russians refused. The reason is incredibly simple. Using vitiem letter codes, and everyone forgot about the encoded natural principles and their discrete-continuous system, and a sense of two-and three-letter phonemes, and many other things that it would be useful to know and remember.
     And with poetry, spiritual enrichment intuitive principle, the relationship must have been different. First of all I must say that not everyone is a rhyming verse rhythm, that is, created things quiet. Compose poems poets prophets. They all feel the circumstances of his being and existence extrapolate them for the near and distant future. From this point of view, the natural principle of "enrichment" can be regarded as the principle of "extrapolation". (For those unfamiliar with this term I will explain: extrapolation of the steady continuation of the trend are called patterns) Read the essay "PS" Entries under the heading "give ear to understand the" notice that the desire to P.Ya.Chaadaeva mystic communion with Alexander Pushkin was to the young talent is energized Russian historical events, feel the Great Russian pattern of being, allowing prophesy verse. Wish has come true. Young Pushkin delving into the long historical process associated with such outstanding personalities as Boris Godunov, Yemelyan Pugachev, Peter ... realized the systematic development of the Russian and then in his "iron age" glorified freedom "and mercy for the fallen."
     The spiritual path of past generations in the future particularly clearly expressed the contrast of the two paintings. In this narrative of the principle of "Enriching Poetry" I mentally place them diagonally "from the bottom right up to the left."

ill.ill. Chaadaev

     On the right picture, inherited by us in the form of postcards, shown obliging Members ARTinvestmenta Vladimir Razepinym is shown P.Ya.Chaadaev by candlelight in the room filled with books.

           ill.Anatoly Zykov. Pushkin.

Mystical Meditation P.Ya.Chaadaeva sent young Pushkin, peered at the top left of the picture in zaokonnuyu distance.
     On the principle of serving the rhyming rhythm intuitive consciousness known since mythological times. In the ancient Greek myth of the daily consciousness, filled with metaphors, speech mother goddess Demeter, Eleusinian entering the house, "his head touched the top of the door, and all the house lights illuminated the marvelous .... Metaneyra bowed before a stranger and asked her to take the place of the queen. Refused Demeter, she sat in silence for a simple seat maid servant .... same Metaneyry, fun Yamba, seeing how deep sorrow stranger, tried to cheer her up. She cheerfully waited on her and her mistress, it sounded loud laughter and jokes fell. Demeter smiled for the first times since then, as she stole Hades, Persephone, and the first time she agreed to taste the food. " Mythology in its story on the principles of world order have their say about the role of poetry in the knowledge of Mira man.
     Does not such thoughts swirled in my head a great ceramist V.Vasilkovskogo when he decided to show the young Pushkin, feed Pegasus? A huge ceramic plate with the image stored in the collection of Paul Fedorova rivers. Sincere thanks to him for the opportunity to see the ability to sense V.Vasilkovskogo deep sense of poetry. I think in the best way for the natural principle of "Poetic Extrapolation" than the established Russian artist steward, I do not find.

ill.ill. Dish


     Finding Imagery alphabet I'm wondering: what graphics are born princes of Nature, demonstrating their lives or that natural principle? And I wonder to know, on the eve of great events which took my audit of the herd?

ill. August Lanin. Happy day.

It is striking the right words about the place of poetry in the worldview VF Odoevsky said: "How long will we, along with the company of industrialists who settled in North America, the Chinese and European, which is usually called by the British, to read poetry for being too political element in society - and inner essence of life weigh the money to prove that it weighs nothing, and then the simple-hearted wonder disasters and calamities of human society? "

Note. The Parable of the horses and pinto mare

There is a Taoist proverb. The Emperor was a passionate lover of racehorses. A selection of horses engaged in the old groom. One day, the groom came to the emperor, and said that he is old and will die soon, and it should take a worthy place of dignity.
- Find me a man - told the emperor.
After a while, the groom came back with a hermit monk.
- This is the one you want, sir, - said the old groom.
- As a monk may be a connoisseur of horses? - Astonished emperor. - However, let's test. Let choose the best herd in a bay horse.
The monk did not hesitate chosen horse and led him to the emperor. He just gasped:
- So he's not a bay, it piebald! In addition, this mare! - Exclaimed the Emperor.
- It is in this fact of the matter is - the groom replied. - He sees much deeper than the usual horse-suit ...

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