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<div align="justify"> <br /> <br /> Dear friends, I am pleased to introduce you to community designer Alexander Terekhov. <br /> <a target='_blank' href="http://community.livejournal.com/a_terexov"> http://community.livejournal.com/a_terexov </a> <br /> <br /> I - his client . Before you get sick throat, came to Alexander in a show room and tried on the dress I ordered by September - the anniversary is very close to men. The dress is ready, it is wonderful, and in my last fitting only shorten the hem, because I still rejected the idea for the king's "bow" to stand on his heels. <br /> <br /> put me on the iPhone, here it is - the beauty, if you can consider. This terehovskoe dress-gown. And for the magazines I stand, because we have a length around. <br /> <img src="http://pics.livejournal.com/becky_sharpe/pic/000bar2t" title=""> <br /> <br /> At the same time the famous terehovskoe tried on the dress in the peas, which wore Renata Litvinov at MIFF. <br /> <img src="http://pics.livejournal.com/becky_sharpe/pic/000bbz6e" title=""> <br /> <br /> dress is wonderful. He sits perfectly due to the fact that stretch satin. Lots of people its nazakazyvalo. And they say that before Renata it came out, all telephoned and asked not to wear the same. I did not order this - one in two and a half times more expensive than conventional terehovskie dresses. It is much as 60,000 rubles. <br /> <br /> Generally, Terekhov, and this position Oksana Lavrentyeva, which is zealously took up the business, one of the designers, who almost does not discount the press, even a necessary one <!--~ ~-->) I. Maximum discount is only 10%. This policy Terekhova --- do things very business oriented and strictly business. The latest collection of peas - strictly commercial, it is a "wash fashionable", and as a trend that pleases me, though toad and strangles. <br /> <br /> However, the domestic producer support and even from the heart about writing his post, even if your discount and small, expensive Oksana <!--~ a ~-->) In general, you fellows, You're right, what is earned through hard work, can not give away. And I'm glad that at least some of the designers takes on the mind and begins to do the right things to the consumer. <br /> <br /> IMHO, we have in Russia, this great artist-designer, on the Hamburg account is only Tatiana Parfenova. She and paintings, as it turned out beautiful. I protupila and forgot to lay out its new collection, but must do it. Let the Tatiana and thinks in images. What the hell express themselves in all the rest, I do not understand. And the position Terekhova, turning his face to the consumer, I was delighted. In the showroom, where I pick up the dress, I did not find any crazy things. No one hellish creativity. But the whole good coat hanger - coal - flowers. Smoky-gray, short and long. Amazing silhouette with a long fitted coat, wonderful, unbelievable. And a very lovely short gray - perfect fit. <br /> <br /> Despite the lack of significant discounts, I ordered two for the fall - short and long. Since I have taken almost half of a prepayment, and that for the majority of Russian designers unfamiliar. Typically, designers do not live on their work, and survive through sponsors, so prepay some quite tenth question for them. The second shock - to me, damn, issued cashier's check. And this is some kind of Martian Chronicles. None of the Russian designers never gave me cash checks. And it is also an indication that the Lavrentiev + Terekhov were aimed at the serious business and will be engaged in production, rather than wiring. <br /> <br /> Speak with Oksana. <br /> <br /> - Oksana, there is such a firm - Max Mara. You're probably aware of. So they have specialization - sew a good coat. Your coat I like better than MM. Chic, my close-fitting look at Valentino. But nevertheless, can not coat from Terekhova cost more than the group Max Mara. If you make a line and flow, you can sell your coat cost more? <br /> <br /> Oksana honest answer: No, we can not. We will keep roughly the price. Long coat with fur collar and large good will cost more than mM - so far 60 000. Without fur - about thirty or forty. So, publicly take with Oksana promise not to sell more expensive than the MM and monitor its implementation <!--~ a ~-->)< br /> <br /> Fur, certify, rich, big, on his chest. Coat beautiful silhouette and quality. Will they be able to sell such a quality, delivered on a stream, for 37,000, do not know, and whether to save money indposhiva, putting on a stream, I do not know either, but until that weave coat looks. <br /> <br /> Poluperdonchik with mink worth about thirty of. I, in order to save, because I now have a complete repair and remodeling in the apartment, abandoned burrows, respectively, a third to lower the price. I can say that poluperdonchik of Josef, which I wore, the quality is much worse, it looks cheaper, badger on Sail bought me for 300 pounds, and at the beginning of the season was worth it 600. Terehovskoe same quality at about Briony, in which I badger pozhabilsya, saying: "I was in your eyes I see that it is you did not like. <br /> <br /> Again, because of the lack of discounts is not a PR psto. Just very very glad that at least some of kutyurschikov started thinking about the consumer and started a real business. Of course, good intentions, we know where the road is rife with. But I would really like to see a serious business approach does not become a whore, and that Lavrent'eva still took this story on the business, rather than on igrushechki. I almost gave the first Russian fashion designer his blood Salvage, only because I saw the work, seriousness, quality, diligence and attention to the case. I see the labor-intensive thing, and I understand from what sum price. For other creations of our pseudo-designers do not want to pay, because it is - crafts, rather than products. </Div><br><br><a target='_blank' href='http://becky-sharpe.livejournal.com/803355.html'>Link to original</a>
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