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Edward Steichen, (1879-1973)

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- The greatest American artist and photographer. Initially Steyhen was committed piktorialnoy photos, which achieved great success: in 2006 one of his early works "Lake in the moonlight" was sold at auction for 2,900,000 dollars. After World War I under the influence of his friend Alfred Stieglitz Steyhen away from Pictorialism.
Edward Steyhen entered the history of photography not only as a recognized master but also as an organizer of major international exhibitions. The most significant of these was the exhibition "The human race» («The Family of Man»), which premiered in New York in 1955. Steyhen applied to photographic organizations of different countries asking them to send him pictures showing human waste in a variety of its manifestations. From all corners of the earth for more than two million photos! Steyhen with his assistants first selected 4000, and subsequently formed the final exhibition of five hundred three shots. Headpiece made famous photograph of Werner Bischof: boy piper in the road in Peru. Final exhibition of one of the best works of Eugene Smith's "The Road to Paradise". Total in the exhibition were works by two hundred and seventy-three photographs of sixty-eight countries. Among the exhibits were the work of famous and no one famous authors. The exhibition "The human race" was exhibited in forty countries, where it was visited by about ten million people.

When I became interested in photography, I thought that it belonged to one of the Fine Arts. Today I hold a totally different opinion. The purpose of photography - to promote mutual understanding between people and help people to understand itself. And this is one of the most difficult tasks in the world.

Photography captures the whole gamut of feelings written on the human face: the beauty of heaven and earth inherited them, and all that good and evil that he created himself. Photography - the main tool to help people understand the man.

Cheating settles in pictures c the moment when the photographer selects exposure settings where laboratory in the dark room working on the details of the image or contrast. Each photograph lies from start to finish: clear objective picture there. But there remains the question of the degree of deception.

• The most simple camera better than the most skilled photographer
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