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Magnificent ballet "Marco Spada"

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"Bloody passion, infernal intrigue, beautiful rebellion..."
Marco_Spada_NYC_invite_with_date (700x350, 118Kb)

Complex choreography, numerous change of scenery, spectacular pantomime scenes, balls, Dragoons and bandits. This graceful game, the ballet, the ballet of the" cloak and sword", to skip that would be an unforgivable mistake. The main role is brilliantly performed by the star of the world stage and the undisputed king of the dance – David Habergham. He reveals the way Marco Spada," noble" bandit and a loving father.

Ballet" Marco Spada, or the robber"s Daughter" was born at Paris Opera: premiered on April 1, 1857. Interesting spectacle in three acts and six movies put great French choreographer Joseph mazilier to the story of the eponymous comic Opera by Daniel Francois Esprit Auber, established in [email protected] semicolon libretto was written by a young playwright eugène Scribe. Funny ballet-the audience liked it and remained in the repertoire of the Paris Opera for a long time.

March 15, 1981 on the stage of the Roman Opera was premiered the revival of the ballet" Marco Spada". The choreography, sets and costumes composed, based on historic performance, Pierre Lacotte, a renowned expert on the restoration of the forgotten performances of the ballet classics.

8 November 2013 the ballet" Marco Spada" directed by Pierre Lacotte appeared on the historical stage of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia.
This video was aired yesterday,April 4.
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(below, see a recording of this ballet with Rudolf Nureyev)

the Main role is brilliantly performed by the star of the world stage and the undisputed king of the dance – David Habergham. He reveals the way Marco Spada," noble" bandit and a loving father.

a Brief summary of the ballet

act I – scene 1
villagers gathered to celebrate a wedding, complaining to the Governor of Rome on robbery Marco Spada, which has never been seen, but rumors about his thefts going on all around. The village comes to Dragoons. His commander count pepinelli falls in love with the Marquis of Sampieri, the Governor"s daughter, but she is betrothed to Prince Federici. Incognito in the crowd Marco Spada empties the wallets of onlookers. Residents in a panic. It starts to rain, everyone runs away, there is only the brother of Borromeo, which bandit has stolen all the donations.

act I – scene 2
Marquis, Governor and count pepinelli who got lost on a mountain walk, have no idea they were in the house Marco Spada. His daughter is also not aware of the thieves " father"s business. Painelli that was present in the house appeared and disappeared accomplices Downs, warns Marco that his home was attacked by thieves. But to the astonished guests there is a festive cleaned the table and seductive beauties.

act II
Marco Spada and Angela to a ball going to the Governor. At this moment the Prince Federici asks Downs the hand of his daughter, but is Borromeo and complains about the bandit who recently robbed him. Downturn, fearing exposure, he prefers to hide, but Borromeo have time to see. Angela knows everything and refuses Prince Federici. In annoyance, he tells everyone about his impending marriage to the Marquise, but it annoys Pepenella.

act III – scene 1
Pimpinelli last time due to Marquise in love, and she goes to him in her wedding dress. Suddenly the bandits show up and kidnap the girl and count.

act III – scene 2
surrounded by his cronies Marco Spada meets Angela, dressed in the same way as the bandits. She decided to live and die with them. Borromeo, against their will, forced to marry the Marchesa and pepinelli. You receive a regiment of soldiers, bandits hiding in a cave, seizing on the way the Governor and Federici, but Angela saves them. Marco Spada is mortally wounded. Dying, he informs the stunned soldiers that Angela is not his daughter. This lie saves her from arrest and execution, and allows the Prince Federici to take her for a wife.


His revival of the ballet" Marco Spada" is obliged Rudolf Nureeva who wanted to dance the hero of this play. This party relish his funny two-faced Marco Spada: whether a robber, a brilliant point guard, nobleman, or aristocrat, elegant and deftly point guard robber.

"Марко Recession"
ballet 3-х acts on the music by Daniel Francois Esprit Auber

actors and performers:
Rudolf Nureyev - Marco Spada
Gehlen Tesmar - Angela, his daughter
Lucia Cologneto - Marquis Sampieri
Michael Denar - Prince Federici, the grandson of the Governor
Alfredo Rhino @ - the Count pepinelli, captain of Dragoons
Francesco Nuccitelli - Brother Borromeo, the monastery Treasurer
Alessandro Vigo - Prince Osorio, Governor of Rome
Pascual Seal - Genaro, Roman thug
PA-де-де - Paola Catalani and Luigi Martelletti

Choreography, sets and costumes - Pierre Lacotte
Libretto - eugène Scribe, in the adaptation by Pierre Lacotte
Director videos - adriana Borgonovo

Ballet and orchestra of the Rome Opera house
Conductor: Alberto Ventura
Recording of 8 January 1982.



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