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Ballet "Спартак" Igor Moiseyev

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" В March 1958 at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow took place the premiere of the ballet" Spartacus" staged by Igor Moiseyev. It"s only been six years since the Leningrad premiere of Leonid Yakobson. Igor Moiseyev, in his own words, 1930-х years raved about the idea of staging" Spartacus".
is Monumental, partly exaggerated giant sets were created by artist Alexander Konstantinovsky, helping to convey the idea of the choreographer.
But do not look for the similarity moiseevsky" Spartacus" with albanowski: they saw the main characters on the-разному.

Crassus by Alexander Radunsky, the intent of Moses, was almost devoid of dance performance and his way was created only by means of pantomime. But the image of Aegina, like Jacobson, was resolved most clearly. The mosaic seen in this role only Maya Plisetskaya and no one else. As-то one senior lady, looking ballet, Plisetskaya said:" I have always adored, but after this role I hate you!". Of particular importance in the choreography of the play Moses had mass dance. If most of classical ballets the corps de ballet only" accompaniment" the soloists, then in" Spartacus" mass – a leading, independent hero. Staged by Igor Moiseyev was perceived by critics and audiences, alas, quite cold.
спартак (700x521, 445Kb)
спартак 1 (700x501, 397Kb)

unfortunately,-за save the film or other reasons record of" Spartacus" staged by Igor Moiseyev does not exist and this version of the ballet is alive only in the memory of performers and ballet lovers.
Today it has become almost self-existent мифом."

"Оригинальный, original talent of Moses in full
as revealed in the creation of dance rooms, each
which had a clear form and finished the story. Part of their
it is possible to see thanks to the preserved videos
Suite from the ballet" Spartacus" performed by artists of established
they folk dance."

the Suite of dances from the ballet" Спартак"(1987)
Composer: Aram Khachaturian

Egyptian snake dance
Pastoral dance" Овечка and the wolf"
Fauns and nymphs
the Shepherd and the nymph
Coliseum. Procession of the gladiators
Battle andabata (gladiators in" слепых" helmets)
Retiarius and Mirmiran (Fisherman and Fish)
Battle of the Thracians and the Samnites

" В" Egyptian snake dance" two dancers, following languidly-тягучей melody of the flute, imitated the dance, mesmerized by the fakir with snakes. The choreographer found an organic motion to transfer" snake"plastics — quick zigzags described by the body.
In the choreographic construction of this scene is simple and extremely beautiful — flexible, movable as mercury, the hands draw in the air an ornate Oriental ornaments; dancers and then freeze in poses, as if descended from ancient papyrus finally disappear, calming down in his serpent bed.

Ceremonial and colorful image of Rome was reflected in
room" Orgy," which the choreographer also put in a
shaped compact dance episode.

In the room" the sheep and the Wolf" Moses skillfully embodied choreographic means of natural plastic animals.
Duo lamb and a wolf, imbued with a bright sense of humor and happy attitude, had a lot of acrobatic
supports, which are rare in the ballet theater.
Room, lasting no more than two minutes, thanks to the originality of its construction and the extraordinary richness
virtuoso elements that have produced an unusually bold impression.

Complex duet supports was the scene of the" Fauns and nymphs," in which two dancers, four support performers, the entire first part of the number carried in the hands партнеров."

"Волк and lamb" from the ballet" Спартак"(2011)

Performers: Veronika Denisova and Ramil Mehdiyev


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