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About love with the artist and a million scarlet roses

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Song of Alla Pugacheva" Million scarlet roses", created by Raimonds Pauls on the poems by Andrey Voznesensky, tells about the love of a poor artist to the actress. The plot of the song – the true story of the Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani, unrequited love, French actress Marguerite de Sevres.


Niko Pirosmani - artist-примитивист, self-taught and a true nugget of the people, the fame of which spread through Georgia after his death.

Niko Pirosmani was born in the Georgian village of Mirzaani to a peasant family. His parents were farmers who owned a small vineyard and cattle. The future artist was orphaned early and left in the care of his two elder sisters, Mariam and Pepe, with whom he moved to live in Tbilisi in 1870. In 1872, while living in a small apartment not far from Tbilisi train station, he worked as a servant in wealthy families and learned to read and write in-русски and-грузински.

Later, he worked as a herder, the conductor, worked odd jobs and dreamed of open scenic workshop to earn a living he likes. But customers are not hurried to him. A permanent job at Pirosmani was not.

About Niko says that he lives" like a bird" without worrying about either the past or the future. The artist tirelessly painted pictures and sold them for so little amount that it did not cover the cost of the paint. One paid for his painting of 30 rubles, and the other he could paint the sign for lunch. It was hard for him to find his place in life.

Niko Pirosmani


Pirosmani wrote still lifes, depicting wine, shashlik and Georgian bread, scenes of merry gatherings, as well as animals and trees. Was in his paintings and people of different classes - peasants, merchants, craftsmen, priests and princes. But more Niko loved the common people. So he filled his works of genre scenes of peasant life. Pirosmani worked as naturally as breathing. His naive, kind, artless picture of the redemptive act on the feelings, return of trust to the world and a child"s belief in magic.

He was not a professional artist, and not trying to make a song - in his paintings things are like in themselves, causing a feeling of loneliness. The color palette works Pirosmani - dark, and even large scenes permeated with an atmosphere of alienation and longing.

the work of Pirosmani

Niko Pirosmani never had personal happiness and each of his works where he portrayed a festive food or people has hidden deep feelings. It"s joy and pain. And happiness and sadness. Pirosmani himself once said that everyone has their own reasons to be sad and does not make sense to compare whose more sadness.

Pirosmani is one of the most beloved artistic figures in the country. Each city has its own genius. Tbilisi is, undoubtedly, Niko Pirosmani.

When a-нибудь Georgian asking about Niko Pirosmani, he almost shouts:
— Who does not know the great artist-самоучку?! He — symbol of Georgia, our van Gogh!
And fished out wads of money banknote of 1 lari, he passionately explains:
— Look on the face of — the handsome Pirosmani, on the back @his mdas
favorite old Tiflis and DOE with his paintings. Every Georgian Pirosmani in
pocket has...

Bill (bona) Georgia 1 lari 1995" the artist Niko Pirosmani"


Even those people who have never seen his works, probably heard the legend about the once Pirosmani sold all his possessions to buy all the flowers in Tbilisi for the woman he loved. So who was the one for which the artist the rest of her life she lived in poverty?

the Story of his love to Marguerite de Sevres, French dancer and singer who once arrived in Georgia on tour, became a symbol of unrequited, deep love. The plot is a romantic story that formed the basis of the famous songs of Alla Pugacheva" Million scarlet roses" was first described by Konstantin Paustovsky according to brothers Zdanevich (this is the first collectors of paintings by Pirosmani). The feelings of the artist was painful and overwhelming, the girl did not share the feelings of Niko. She ignored his numerous advances. Her heart was stale, even after Nico had painted a portrait of her ("the Actress Margarita").

According to legend, on his birthday Pirosmani sold all their property, which is the hard-earned (teahouse) and with the money bought all the flowers in the city. Nine wagons with flowers Pirosmani was sent to the house of Marguerite de Sevres. According to legend, the actress was really impressed by the sea of flowers, but out on the street, she only kissed the artist on the lips and left. The miracle did not happen. And, now, historians argue that they never met. Nico sent her flowers, and he went gallivanting with friends.

fate Pirosmani was sad: after the incident with the flowers, he finally became poor, moved to the taverns. There was painting on anything – on the walls, cans, cardboard, table cloths. The artist died of hunger and cold in April 1918, he was 56 years old. Fame came to Niko Pirosmani after his death.

In 1968, the Louvre hosted an exhibition of paintings of Niko Pirosmani, which for 50 years was not alive. Say, in front of a portrait of actress Margaret stood an elderly woman. Eyewitnesses claim that it was the same Margarita de sèvres. Survived even the photograph of the aged Margaret posing near a portrait of Pirosmani.

And the action of the artist still inspires creative people.


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