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Festival "Спасская tower" at ENEA. Part 2.

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"Спасская tower" the holiday, which unites peoples and Nations, that is why the participants of the project traditionally, all parts of the world.

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the Procession continues, the orchestra of the Alpini" Тридентина" name senior corporal Andrea Morandi.

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Since its inception in 2000, the orchestra has performed concerts in many cities of Northern and Central Italy.

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In his repertoire in addition to traditional marches of the Alpini includes classic and modern popular works.

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Military band of the people"s army the Korean people"s-Демократической Republic.

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currently, the team provides the musical accompaniment is the main internal and external public events.

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his repertoire includes a great importance is attached to Patriotic songs special style.

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Brass orchestra of the Government of the Republic of Tuva name Timur Dolosa.

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the Team participated in more than 100 projects.

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a Characteristic feature of the repertoire is the fusion of different musical styles with elements of national color.

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the Musicians marched in front of a crowd of thousands of spectators to the music of Mystery Tsam.

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to Admire on their masks, as well as other participants of the festival in the clip, which was inserted at the end of this post.

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the Musicians of the Central concert exemplary orchestra of a name of N. A. Roman@Voenno ndashКорсакова-морского fleet.

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the Orchestra was created in 1941 from sailors-фронтовиков who were treated in the rear.

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at the heart of its repertoire is Russian and world musical classics and works by contemporary composers, as well as the invaluable Fund of Russian and Soviet songs about the sea and the Military-Морском the Fleet.

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Marching band drummers" Стремсгодсет" from Norway.

4878453_vyndh_132 (700x525, 302Kb)

He has presented on court of Muscovites and guests of the capital his version of the Lambada.

4878453_vyndh_134 (700x525, 220Kb)

the Orchestra is a newcomer to the festival" Спасская башня".

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Exemplary-показательный band and honor guard of the National guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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the Musicians were in front of the audience in the form of colors of the national flag.

4878453_vyndh_137 (700x525, 321Kb)

leading the creative team of the Republic of.

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Orchestra" Армони" the Armed forces of Turkey.

4878453_vyndh_141_1_ (700x525, 285Kb)

This is one of the oldest musical collectives of the country, it was founded in 1826 by order of the Governor of the Ottoman Empire Sultan Mahmud II.

4878453_vyndh_145 (700x525, 321Kb)

Mnogogrannost allows the orchestra to take part in official state ceremonies, and to perform on stage.

the Promised video of the parade.

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